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This Week Tamil Cinema News

Kaadhalil Vizhunden Audio release

By 9am on Last Sunday morning, Sathyam theater was overflowing for the audio release function of 'Kaadhalil Vizhunden.'
The film features Devayani's brother Nakulan and is directed by PV Prasad. The heroine is Sunaina and music is by Vijay Antony. Minister for Electricity, Arcot Veersamy released the cassette and Sathyaraj received it. Central minister Velu, directors Ameer, Seeman, Bhagyaraj, V Sekar, Lingusamy and many others participated in the function.

During the felicitation, directors Seeman and Ameer got distracted from the purpose of the function and indulged in a play of words. "When Madhavan acted in 'Thambi,' I gave credit as Ra Madhavan with the initial and name in Tamil. He wanted the initial to be in English as only then would the film run. But I retained the Tamil initial and name and the film proceeded to run well. One should not have blind faith. The technicians of this film have English initials. I request that from now on initials also be in Tamil for names written in Tamil," said Seeman. Following this, Ameer said, "Brother Seeman has lot of affection as well as anger and may the lord give him peace and consolation. At one time, I was an ordinary viewer going to films with money given for buying rations. Now I have become a director. It is all thanks to god," reacting to Seeman's atheist way of thinking.

Jackie Chan at audio release of 'Dasavataram'

Everyone is talking in amazement about the audio release function of 'Dasavataram' because of Jackie Chan. Jackie Chan is the action hero who has won hearts world wide. The audio release is to take place in Feb 2008. Producer Oscar Ravichandran is trying to get Jackie Chan to attend the function. Ravichandran has been a distributor of Jackie Chan films in India and so is already known to him. By inviting Chan to the audio release, 'Dasavataram' would get world wide attention.
It is said that's why Ravichandran traveled to the US to meet Jackie Chan and even screened him footage of the 10 roles of Kamal as well as the songs. According to sources, the footage has convinced Chan to agree to attend the audio release. Efforts are on to also invite superstars like Shahrukh Khan, Mohanlal, Chiranjeevi, Amitabh Bachchan and Mammootty for the function. Since they hope to realize at least 300 crores in business worldwide, all these mega arrangements are being made.

Pooja’s great fan following, Although her first film was ‘Ullam Ketkumae’, Pooja made her debut with ‘Jay Jay’ that at once won her a firm foothold in the industry and also won her the hearts of millions of fans both from India and across. Talking about her craze in Sri Lanka, the young and sultry Pooja said, “After Anjalika was a blockbuster in Sri Lanka, I was flooded with offers from filmmakers there.” In fact her second film, ‘Asai Mang Piyabanna’, has been a runaway success there. However, the actress is more keen and comfortable doing Kollywood films only. Conversing on her latest release ‘Oram Po’ Pooja announced that she accepted to do the film no sooner the director duo of Pushkar and Gayathri narrated her the script. The actress fell in love with the role and at once gave her consent. In ‘Oram Po’ Pooja dons the role of a roadside biriyani vendor who romances an auto racer played by Arya. For this film, Pooja donned a no make up role that won her the approval of many. However, the actress is more keyed up with her role in Bala’s ‘Naan Kadavul’, which she opines as her dream role. Pooja, who suffers from hydrophobia, has recently put off Vishnu Vardhan’s ‘Billa’ citing tearfully that the film required her to do too many underwater scenes and she was too wary of giving it a try. The actress who is now in Periyakulam busy shooting for ‘Naan Kadavul’ said, “I am not even listening to scripts because many directors want immediate dates, which I cannot give.” But she definitely has bagged in a couple of Sinhala films other than ‘Yaluvo’. Laughing at her Sinhalese fans decision to erect a temple on her name the actress said, “I am happy that I have so many fans there and this adulation and love is all because of my first hit Anjalika.”

Hitesh back with a family entertainer

Hitesh Jabak is a noted name in Kollywood with biggies like ‘Gajini’ and ‘Naan Avan Illai’ to his name. Now, this eminent producer is looking forward to minting more success with Narain starrer ‘Anjathey’. But for now he is all keyed up for his next family entertainer ‘Pandi’ to be released under the banner of Nemichand Jabak.

Starring Raghava Lawrance and Sneha in the lead, this film prides itself on the veritable fare of Nasser, Saranya, Ganja Karuppu and Namitha.

Directed by Madhuravan, this film stresses on the importance of familial ties. U.K. Senthilkumar does the cinematography here while Srikanth Deva scores the music.

Touted to be an out and out entertainer, producer Hitesh is high on hopes regarding the success of this film. Says Hitesh, “It will be a clean and perfect family entertainer.”

Sathyaraj on warnings

After Khusbhoo being condemned for irreverence to god, the accusation has moved to another state to bug Gujarat CM, Narendra Modi. Because Khushboo was shown wearing footwear and sitting in front of a statue of a goddess at the film launch of 'Vallamai Thaarayo,' a group of people filed case against her for disrespecting god and creating religious discord.
Strong protests have come in for this accusation. Parthiban has stated categorically that no such disrespect to god or otherwise took place at the function. He added that everyone removed their footwear for the pooja and wore them again only after the pooja was over and that if there was any wrong that happened there, it concerned everyone and not just Khushboo alone.
Sathyaraj was his direct self as usual. "They are considering a cinema set as a temple and targeting Khushboo. Fortunately I did not go to that function. They would have told me that since I'm an atheist like Periyar I should have gone minus feet for the function!" In a book, Gujarat Cm, Narendra Modi had said that "by scooping human shit one can attain a yogic meditative state."
At an audio release, Sathyaraj, who spoke up for Khushboo, mentioned about Modi's 'discovery' and also demanded to know if those who had condemned Khushboo had the courage to condemn Modi. If they had that much courage or honesty, why would they show their might only to Khushboo?
Khushboo in fresh controversy

Actress Khushboo, who was caught in a series of legal tangles for advocating sex education for girls in schools, appears to be in trouble again this time for "wearing chappals" in front of idols of goddesses at a film muhurat in Chennai. Gurumurthy, a Hindu Munnani activist, lodged a complaint before a Kumbakonam civil court, alleging that Khushboo was seen sitting with her slippers in front of the idols of goddeses Lakshmi, Saraswathy and Parvathy, during a pooja for a film in Chennai on November 22. The photograph was published in a Tamil Weekly recently and her action had hurt the sentiments of the Hindus, Gurumurthy said in his complaint. He wanted the court to take action against her under sections 295 and 295(A) of the IPC for hurting the religious sentiments of the people. After receiving the complaint, the judge posted the case for December 3 to decide on the admissibility of the complaint.

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