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A Human's Red blood cells (RBCs) have a set of Antigens on them. The two especially important antigens called A and B. A person has either one or both or neither on the RBCs.
A person with Blood Group A is so because he has antigen A. Antigen B makes a person's Blood group B. If a person has both antigens, he is group AB and if he has neither, the blood group is O.
Antibodies against these two Antigens are found in the blood Plasma. Antibody or Anti A acts against antigen A. The other Anti B acts against antigen B. The antibodies in a human's blood plasma are always the opposite of the antigens on the RBCs. For example, Blood Groups A, B, AB and O have Antigens A, B, A&B and None respectively. The respective Antibodies are Anti B, Anti A, None and Anti A & Anti B.
During Transfusions Blood Matching has to be done. For example if a person of blood group A is given blood from a donor with blood group B, his anti B Antibodies will stick to the B Antigens on the ‘imported’ red blood cells entering his body. This makes the donated red cells stick together or Agglutinate, which can be fatal. So it is very important in blood transfusion that only that blood group is infused whose red cell do not carry an Antigen which be attacked by his own Antibodies. Group O blood has neither A and B Antigens, so this blood can be given to anyone. Hence persons of blood group O are also called Universal Donors. Group AB blood has neither Anti A nor Anti B Antibodies, so any blood can be transfused into it. hence persons with blood group AB are also called Universal Recipients.

Blood - The Basic Facts

Blood is a living tissue composed of cellular elements and a watery fluid called plasma. Blood volume is the total amount of blood circulating within the body. It represents about 8% of body weight. In females volume averages 4-5 litres, in males 5-6 litres.
The cellular parts comprising of red cells, white cells and platelets made up nearly 45% of the volume of blood. The Plasma, which makes up the remaining 55% is 92% water.
Blood has three main functions. These are Transport, Defence against disease, and Regulation of body Temperature.
Red blood cells (Erythrocytes) are the most common type of formed element in blood. Red blood cells are manufactured in the bone marrow of some bones including the Ribs, Vertebrae and some limb bones. RBCs, as they are called are produced at a very brisk pace of about 9000 million per hour. This is so because they have a short life of about four months. One reason for this is because they do not have a nucleus. RBCs are red because of the pigment Haemoglobin which carries oxygen. Haemoglobin is a protein, and contains iron. Old red cells are broken down in the Liver, Spleen and Bone marrow. Some of the iron from the haemoglobin is stored, and used for making new haemoglobin. Some is turned into bile pigment and excreted. RBCs also carry some Carbon Dioxide molecules from the cells to the lungs, but about 70% of the Carbon Dioxide dissolves within the plasma as Bicarbonate ions. The design of the red blood cell makes it ideal for oxygen and carbon dioxide transport. It is disc-shaped, indented in the centre and flexible enough to squeeze through the smallest capillary.
White blood cells (Leukocytes) are made in the bone marrow and in the Lymph Nodes. WBCs as they are called have a nucleus, which is often quite large and lobed. They can move around and can squeeze out through the walls of blood capillaries into all parts of the body. Their role is to fight infection, and to clear up any dead body cells.
Platelets are small fragments of cells, with no nucleus. They are made in bone marrow. Platelets help in the formation of blood clots. When platelets come into contact with a damage tissue, they stick to the edges of the damaged area, and then to each other, forming a plug. Larger wounds however need a larger barrier than this. Blood plasma contains several substances, which are involved in blood clotting. There are thirteen of these blood-clotting factors. If any one of them is defective, then blood will not clot. For example, clotting disorder due to a missing factor V111 is referred as Haemophilia. Two of these blood-clotting factors are Prothombin and Fibrinogen, which are soluble proteins dissolved in the blood plasma. If a tissue is damaged, it releases a chemical called Thromboplastin. This converts Prothrombin to Thrombin. Thrombin acts on Fibrinogen, converting it to the protein Fibrin. Fibrin is insoluble and forms fibres across the wound. Blood cells and platelets get caught up in the fibres, forming a clot.





Blood Type Compatability Chart

Type of Recipient Donor Can Be For:
Red Cells Whole Blood Plasma
O +ve O +ve O +ve Any O, A, B or AB
O -ve O -ve
O -ve O -ve O -ve Any O, A, B or AB
A +ve Any Any A +ve or A -ve Any A or AB
A +ve, A -ve,
O +ve or O -ve
A -ve Any A -ve Any A or AB
A -ve or O -ve
B +ve Any Any B +ve or B -ve Any B or AB
B +ve, B -ve,
O +ve or O -ve
B -ve Any B -ve Any B or AB
B -ve or O -ve
AB +ve Any Any AB +ve or AB -ve Any AB
AB +ve, AB -ve
A +ve, A -ve
B +ve ,B -ve
O +ve or O-ve
AB -ve Any AB -ve AB
AB -ve,
A -ve,
B -ve or
O -ve

Examples of Blood Use

Automobile Accident 50 units of blood
Heart Surgery 6 units of blood
6 units of platelets
Organ Transplant 40 units of blood
30 units of platelets
20 bags of cryoprecipitate
25 units of fresh frozen plasma
Bone Marrow Transplant 20 units of blood
120 units of platelets
Burn 20 units of platelets

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List Of Blood Banks

List Of Blood Banks in Chennai

Jeevan Blood Bank
Address: 1, Jaganathan Road
Chennai 600034
Telephone(s): 8231911/8220494

AA Lab Services
Address: 12, 5th St. Lake Area Lake Area
Chennai 600034
Telephone(s): 8270930/

Ambigai Clinical Services
Address: 10, 5th Cross Street, United India Colony, Kodambakkam
Chennai 600024
Telephone(s): 4835401/4833051

Apollo Hospital Enterprises
Address: 21, Greams Lane, Thousand Lights
Chennai 600006
Telephone(s): 8277870/

Bulls Eys Blood bank
Address: 1, Lakshmi Street, Purasawakkam
Chennai 600084
Telephone(s): 6421341/

Cancer Institute
Address: 18, Sardar Patel Road
Chennai 600036
Telephone(s): 2350241/2350131

Child Trust Hospital
Address: 12-A, Nageshwara Rao Rd., Nungambakkam
Chennai 600034
Telephone(s): 8259601/

CSI Rainy Hospital
Address: 45, Gollavar Agraharam Road
Chennai 600021
Telephone(s): 5951205/

Devaki Hospital Blood Bank
Address: 149, Luz Church Road, Mylapore
Chennai 600004
Telephone(s): 4992607/4990788

ESIC Hospital Blood Bank
Address: Ashok Pillar Road
Chennai 600078
Telephone(s): 4820864/

Government General Hospital
Telephone(s): 563131/

Government Kasturba Gandhi Hospital
Address: Bells Road Triplicane
Chennai 600005
Telephone(s): 845073/

R S R M Lying In Hospital
Address: Kamarajar Road Royapuram
Chennai 600013
Telephone(s): 5226961/

Govt. Royapettah Hospital
Telephone(s): 833051/

Govt. Stanley Hospital Blood Bank
Telephone(s): 513311/

Indian Red Cross Society
Address: 50, Montieth Rd. Egmore
Chennai 600008
Telephone(s): 8554425/

Institute of Child Health and Hospital
Address: Halls Road Egmore
Chennai 600008
Telephone(s): 8251135/

K J Hospital
Address: 927, P H Road
Chennai 600084
Telephone(s): 6411513/

K S K Blood Transfusion Services
Address: 18, H Block, 1st Floor, Anna Nagar East
Chennai 600102
Telephone(s): 6263961/

Vijaya Hospital
Telephone(s): 4839166/

Voluntary Health Services
Address: Dr. K Ranganathan Memorial Blood bank Adyar
Chennai 600113
Telephone(s): 2353971/

Tamil Nadu Hospital Ltd.
Address: 17, Oliver Road Mylapore
Chennai 601302
Telephone(s): 2375221/

Sri Ramachandra Hospital Blood Bank
Address: Porur
Chennai 600116
Telephone(s): 4768017/

St. Isabel Hospital
Telephone(s): 4991081/

Vijaya Hospital
Address: 118, N S K Salai
Telephone(s): 422221/

Rotary Blood Bank
Telephone(s): 423201/

National Hospital
Telephone(s): 511405/511408

Nagamani Hospital
Address: 116, G A Road
Chennai 600021
Telephone(s): 5952725/5952726

Madras Port Trust Hospital
Address: 10, Sprinhaven Road
Chennai 600001
Telephone(s): 562200/

Madras Medical Mission
Address: Dr. JJ Nagar, Mugappair
Chennai 600050
Telephone(s): 6259801/

Lions Blood Bank
Address: 11, Halls Road Kilpauk
Chennai 600010
Telephone(s): 6423425/6426188

Madras Clinical Research Lab
Address: Pondalai Nursing Home, P H Road
Chennai 600010
Telephone(s): 8283096/8252080

Rotary Central TTK VHS Blood Bank
Contact Person: AravamudhanSrinivasan
Address: 2, Jaisriram Flats, Lakshmi Nagar Stage - 4, Ramakrishna Colony, Nanganallur,
Chennai 600061
Telephone(s): 22242129/22242129
Timings: 24 hours

Contact Person: udhayashankarm
Address: no a
chennai 600026
Telephone(s): 9444330408/

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List Of Blood Banks

List Of Blood Banks in Chennai

Jeevan Blood Bank
Address: 1, Jaganathan Road
Chennai 600034
Telephone(s): 8231911/8220494

AA Lab Services
Address: 12, 5th St. Lake Area Lake Area
Chennai 600034
Telephone(s): 8270930/

Ambigai Clinical Services
Address: 10, 5th Cross Street, United India Colony, Kodambakkam
Chennai 600024
Telephone(s): 4835401/4833051

Apollo Hospital Enterprises
Address: 21, Greams Lane, Thousand Lights
Chennai 600006
Telephone(s): 8277870/

Bulls Eys Blood bank
Address: 1, Lakshmi Street, Purasawakkam
Chennai 600084
Telephone(s): 6421341/

Cancer Institute
Address: 18, Sardar Patel Road
Chennai 600036
Telephone(s): 2350241/2350131

Child Trust Hospital
Address: 12-A, Nageshwara Rao Rd., Nungambakkam
Chennai 600034
Telephone(s): 8259601/

CSI Rainy Hospital
Address: 45, Gollavar Agraharam Road
Chennai 600021
Telephone(s): 5951205/

Devaki Hospital Blood Bank
Address: 149, Luz Church Road, Mylapore
Chennai 600004
Telephone(s): 4992607/4990788

ESIC Hospital Blood Bank
Address: Ashok Pillar Road
Chennai 600078
Telephone(s): 4820864/

Government General Hospital
Telephone(s): 563131/

Government Kasturba Gandhi Hospital
Address: Bells Road Triplicane
Chennai 600005
Telephone(s): 845073/

R S R M Lying In Hospital
Address: Kamarajar Road Royapuram
Chennai 600013
Telephone(s): 5226961/

Govt. Royapettah Hospital
Telephone(s): 833051/

Govt. Stanley Hospital Blood Bank
Telephone(s): 513311/

Indian Red Cross Society
Address: 50, Montieth Rd. Egmore
Chennai 600008
Telephone(s): 8554425/

Institute of Child Health and Hospital
Address: Halls Road Egmore
Chennai 600008
Telephone(s): 8251135/

K J Hospital
Address: 927, P H Road
Chennai 600084
Telephone(s): 6411513/

K S K Blood Transfusion Services
Address: 18, H Block, 1st Floor, Anna Nagar East
Chennai 600102
Telephone(s): 6263961/

Vijaya Hospital
Telephone(s): 4839166/

Voluntary Health Services
Address: Dr. K Ranganathan Memorial Blood bank Adyar
Chennai 600113
Telephone(s): 2353971/

Tamil Nadu Hospital Ltd.
Address: 17, Oliver Road Mylapore
Chennai 601302
Telephone(s): 2375221/

Sri Ramachandra Hospital Blood Bank
Address: Porur
Chennai 600116
Telephone(s): 4768017/

St. Isabel Hospital
Telephone(s): 4991081/

Vijaya Hospital
Address: 118, N S K Salai
Telephone(s): 422221/

Rotary Blood Bank
Telephone(s): 423201/

National Hospital
Telephone(s): 511405/511408

Nagamani Hospital
Address: 116, G A Road
Chennai 600021
Telephone(s): 5952725/5952726

Madras Port Trust Hospital
Address: 10, Sprinhaven Road
Chennai 600001
Telephone(s): 562200/

Madras Medical Mission
Address: Dr. JJ Nagar, Mugappair
Chennai 600050
Telephone(s): 6259801/

Lions Blood Bank
Address: 11, Halls Road Kilpauk
Chennai 600010
Telephone(s): 6423425/6426188

Madras Clinical Research Lab
Address: Pondalai Nursing Home, P H Road
Chennai 600010
Telephone(s): 8283096/8252080

Rotary Central TTK VHS Blood Bank
Contact Person: AravamudhanSrinivasan
Address: 2, Jaisriram Flats, Lakshmi Nagar Stage - 4, Ramakrishna Colony, Nanganallur,
Chennai 600061
Telephone(s): 22242129/22242129
Timings: 24 hours

Contact Person: udhayashankarm
Address: no a
chennai 600026
Telephone(s): 9444330408/

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This Week Tamil Cinema News

Audio release of 'Billa' today

The eagerly awaited audio release of Ajith's 'Billa' is taking place today.

'Billa' is co-produced by Ananda Pictures Creations and Iyngaran Films. The film has caught the attention of everyone, especially the music.

Vishnuvardhan's earlier films 'Kurumbu,' 'Atindhum Ariyaamalum' and 'Pattiyal' had music by Yuvan Shankar Raja and the same is true of 'Billa' too. Like the other filsm, the lyrics are by Pa Vijay. Fans eagerly look forward to 2 sings and both happen to be remix tunes.

"My name is Billa...' from the original film has been remixed for this new version. The other song is "vethilaye pottendi…" that retains the original pallavi but has new lyrics for the charanams.

There's a song Ajith sings in Malaysia's famous Murugan festival. The fans are expected to love this number too.

'Billa' will be released next month.

Case against 'Polladhavan'

The Thyagaraya College administration is filing a case against the director and producer of 'Polladhavan' for a one line dialogue.
There's a scene in 'Polladhavan' where Dhanush comes home drunk and his dad Murali slaps him. Murali points to Dhanush's friend and says he is a good guy. In response Dhanush says his friend's father paid 25 lakhs and got him a medical seat but "You just got me a BA seat in Thyagaraya College." This particular dialogue is the problematic one.

The lawyer notice states that Thyagaraya College is run with the ideology of service and is a boon to students in west Chennai and this dialogue that features in 'Polladhavan' is a slur on its reputation. Their demand is to remove the dialogue, the producer and director should apologise profusely and pay 50 lakhs in damages for causing mental distress.

What is in that piece of dialogue for demanding 50 lakhs in damages compensation?

It would be interesting to hear the explanation from the college!

Priya Mani is all smiles

Priya Mani had the opportunity to light the lamp along with Shahrukh Khan at the inauguration of the International Film Festival in Goa. This honor coming so early in her career has her beaming with happiness.

She is also happy that Shahrukh Khan spoke to her in a friendly manner. In fact on the dais, he has asked her is she was as nervous as he was. Priya Mani recalls with a smile, other such friendly exchanges with him.

"But making such conversation, he put me at ease so I would not feel nervous. He really is a gentleman. When I was talking to him, I felt I was on cloud nine, says Priya Mani with happy memories.

Because of her excellent acting in 'Paruthiveeran,' Priya Mani was chosen to represent the south at the film festival. It was director Ameer who brought out the talent in her but no one seems to have bothered about him.

It looks like one has to protest to get recognition for those behind the screen, who are not on the screen!

Neetu Chandra's debut in a Tamil film

'Yaavarum Nalam' features Madhavan as hero under the direction of Vikram K Kumar. Like 'Evano Oruvan,' this film has created expectations among the public for its novel narrative.

To use the word 'different' in Tamil films is meaningless. But 'Yaavarum Nalam' is an exception. Even the technicians used in the film are proof of that.

Music is by popular Bollywood trio Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy. Cinematography is by PC Sriram. The heroine is Neetu Chandra, who has acted in Madhur Bhandarkar's 'Traffic Signal.' Even though she hails from the north, she has Dravidian features. 'Yaavarum Nalam' should be a good debut for her in Tamil films.

At a cost of several lakhs, an apartment complex has been put up at Egmore. The whole film is shot in this set. Yes, this is a suspense thriller!

It's a long time since a decent thriller film has been released in Tamil. Hopefully 'Yaavarum Nalam' will fit the bill!

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New TV serial

New serial called Kadhalikka Neramillai TV

A serial shot completely in the lands of Singapore is all set to hit the television screens soon.

A mega soap opera with just four main characters will begin from November 26, 2007, at 9 p.m. airing Monday-Thursday on Vijay TV.

Love and friendship forming the main crux of the story, the serial blends comedy well and will strike a chord amongst all audiences, said a spokesperson of Vijay TV.

Is marriage a commitment or burden? Are live-in relationships possible without an emotional attachment? Will one ever find true love? Amidst the chaos of everyday lives, do young professionals striving to make it big in the corporate world have any time for personal relationships; develop it and make them blossom?

'Kadhalikka Neramillai' is a story of two young professionals, Sakthi and Divya, in urban cities across the world caught in the turmoil of life in a metro. With completely different mindset and expectations of life, they come together by chance and take matters into their own hands without letting society or community influence their decision-making.

Amidst a whirlpool of emotions, what does love mean to them; their search for answers to life’s difficult question about love lost and found forms the essence of the series.

Parijn plays the role of Sakthi and Chandra Lakshmanan has the role of Divya.

'Kadhalikka Neramillai' promises to create a new trend among the other soap operas that are on television.

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New Film News & Interviews

Kanna audio CD released Films Audio

Kosmic Films Entertainment Company is producing a Tamil film titled 'Kanna', a maiden venture of the Kosmic group which is already into music. The film's audio CD was released in Chennai on November 14, 2007, going live on Sun Music for about an hour from 8 p.m. to 9 p.m.

Noted producer Kalaipuli S. Dhanu released the CD which was received by the album's music director Ranjith Barot. The company's vice-president Vijay Vishwanath said the audio was doing well on radio FM stations and it is bound to be a hit with the youth.

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The film is produced by Kosmic Films Entertainment Company Limited. Kosmic is primarily involved in the music industry, Kosmic Music being a big brand in fusion, classical and devotional space.

"'Kanna' is the maiden venture of Kosmic, and this film will be targeted at the youth," Vijay said, adding that the response so far has been extremely good.

'Kanna' is directed by Anand, with music by Ranjith Barot, editing by Edwin and photography by Tajmal.

The film is slated for release in December 2007.

I am here to stay: Hamsavirdhan Interviews

It's about five years since he debuted under his father's direction in 'Manasigha Kadhal'. About half-a-dozen films later, and with his new release 'Piragu' too not bailing him out, Hamsavirdhan's career is yet to take off in a big way. Son of Ravichandran, popular hero of yesteryear, the 24-year-old asserts in a chat that this time he is here to stay.

Your career never really took off in a big way...Have you thought about it?

It's just recently that I seriously started introspecting on my career...The basic mistake I think I made was in my selection of scripts. Again, at times what I was told at the narration stage and the way it was executed on screen turned out to be totally different. I used to realise this when I see the film, but then it was too late to do anything about it. Now I'm making a conscious effort to rectify the mistakes.

Would it have made a difference if you had debuted under a big banner or a renowned director?

It would certainly have. The opening and publicity would have been bigger. My dad's concentration was more on direction and seeing how I fared on screen. The business part and marketting was not given due importance. And so despite 'Manasiga Kadhal' being a fairly decent film and earning me praise, it didn't do much to further my career. Nor did my second home production 'Manthiran'.

Your attitude to your career seems to be a bit laidback too?

True... I came when I was just about 18. I did not have any clear idea of my career. It's only now that I am getting my focus. Recently I had signed two films. But I've just returned the signing amount and backed out of them, for I was not fully satisfied with the scripts. I will wait for a proper script, even if it takes a year, rather than sign films randomly, like I had done earlier

You disappeared for a couple of years...What happened?

I took a break and went to Malaysia to take care of our family business. Earlier, I had suffered a back injury while shooting for 'Junior Senior', and recuperating from it took a while. All these broke my concentration on my career.

What advise has your father given you?

He tells me to keep trying and not to give up. My dad has done about a hundred films as hero, out of which 75 were silver jubilee hits. I hope I can achieve at least a small percentage of that. My concentration is totally on my career now. And this time I am here to stay.

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Kanna audio CD released Films Audio

Kosmic Films Entertainment Company is producing a Tamil film titled 'Kanna', a maiden venture of the Kosmic group which is already into music. The film's audio CD was released in Chennai on November 14, 2007, going live on Sun Music for about an hour from 8 p.m. to 9 p.m.

Noted producer Kalaipuli S. Dhanu released the CD which was received by the album's music director Ranjith Barot. The company's vice-president Vijay Vishwanath said the audio was doing well on radio FM stations and it is bound to be a hit with the youth.

The film is produced by Kosmic Films Entertainment Company Limited. Kosmic is primarily involved in the music industry, Kosmic Music being a big brand in fusion, classical and devotional space.

"'Kanna' is the maiden venture of Kosmic, and this film will be targeted at the youth," Vijay said, adding that the response so far has been extremely good.

'Kanna' is directed by Anand, with music by Ranjith Barot, editing by Edwin and photography by Tajmal.

The film is slated for release in December 2007.

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Cinema Guide

List of movies currently running in various cinema halls in Chennai.

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Aaja Nachle Hindi 3.10, 8.00 & 10.05 pm Mayajaal
Aaja Nachle Hindi 3.30, 6.45 & 10.00 pm Inox
Aaja Nachle Hindi 12.30 & 6.45 pm Santham
Aaja Nachle Hindi 3.30 & 10.15 pm Sathyam
Aaja Nachle Hindi 9.30 am (Only on Sat 1st) Inox
Adimaippen Tamil 2.30 & 10.00 pm Kamala
Adimaippen Tamil 4 Shows Velco
Adimaippen Tamil 4 Shows Kaveri
Azhakiya Tamilmagan Tamil 4 Shows Shanti
Azhakiya Tamilmagan Tamil 6.30 pm Sree
Azhakiya Tamilmagan Tamil 11.30 am Santham
Azhakiya Tamilmagan Tamil 6.40 pm Inox
Azhakiya Tamilmagan Tamil 11.30, 3.00, 6.30 & 10.00 pm Abirami
Azhakiya Tamilmagan Tamil 4 Shows Udayam
Azhakiya Tamilmagan Tamil 4 Shows Mini Udayam
Azhakiya Tamilmagan Tamil 4 Shows Agasthiya
Azhakiya Tamilmagan Tamil 4 Shows Rohini
Azhakiya Tamilmagan Tamil 1.35, 7.30 & 10.45 pm Mayajaal
Azhakiya Tamilmagan Tamil 4 Shows Thirumuruagan
Azhakiya Tamilmagan Tamil -- Murugan
Azhakiya Tamilmagan Tamil -- Sri Vidya
Azhakiya Tamilmagan Tamil -- Rakesh
Azhakiya Tamilmagan Tamil -- Rohini
Azhakiya Tamilmagan Tamil -- Ganapathiram
Azhakiya Tamilmagan Tamil -- Sri Ganga
Azhakiya Tamilmagan Tamil -- Sri Shanmuga
Azhakiya Tamilmagan Tamil -- Sundar
Azhakiya Tamilmagan Tamil -- Sri Ambika
Azhakiya Tamilmagan Tamil -- Odioen Mani
Azhakiya Tamilmagan Tamil -- Sri Kumaran
Azhakiya Tamilmagan Tamil -- Vetrivel
Azhakiya Tamilmagan Tamil -- Aravid
Azhakiya Tamilmagan Tamil -- Sri Devikarumari
Azhakiya Tamilmagan Tamil -- Thirumuruagan
Beowulf English 10.15 am (Sat 1st & Sun 2nd Dec) Studio-5
Beowulf English 1.15 & 10.15 pm Sree
Beowulf English 7.20 & 10.20 pm Inox
Beowulf English 4 Shows Melody
Beowulf English 4 Shows Motcham
Beowulf English 1.30, 5.50 & 10.20 pm Mayajaal
Beowulf English 4 Shows Rohini
Beowulf English 4 Shows Raj
Beowulf English 4 Shows Vijaya
Beowulf English 4 Shows MR
Beowulf English 4 Shows Arunmathi
Dhan Dhana Dhan Hindi 9.15 am (Only on Sat 1st) Six Degrees
Goal Hindi 6.45 & 10.15 pm Six Degrees
Goal Hindi 3.20 pm Inox
Goal Hindi 6.30 & 9.45 pm Anu Ega
Goal Hindi 2.45 pm Mayajaal
Jab We Met Hindi 3.45 pm Six Degrees
Kannamoochi Enada Tamil 9.00 am (Sat 1st & Sun 2nd Dec) Sathyam
Kannamoochi Enada Tamil 12.45 pm Sree
Kannamoochi Enada Tamil 3.45 & 10.00 pm Santham
Kannamoochi Enada Tamil 12.15 pm Inox
Kannamoochi Enada Tamil 4 Shows Anna
Kannamoochi Enada Tamil 3.15, 6.30 & 10.00 pm Bala Abirami
Kannamoochi Enada Tamil 4 Shows Chandran
Kannamoochi Enada Tamil 11.45 am Maharani
Kannamoochi Enada Tamil 4 Shows Rohini
Kannamoochi Enada Tamil 11.05, 4.45 & 7.35 pm Mayajaal
Kannamoochi Enada Tamil -- Sri Pandian
Kannamoochi Enada Tamil -- Sri Devikarumari
Kannamoochi Enada Tamil -- Vigneswara
Kannamoochi Enada Tamil 9.25 am (Sat 1st & Sun 2nd Dec) Inox
Lonely Hearts English 10.15 pm Inox
Lonely Hearts English 7.15 pm Studio 5
Machakkaran Tamil 4 Shows Devi
Machakkaran Tamil 4 Shows Padmam
Machakkaran Tamil Noon Shows Kamala
Machakkaran Tamil 3 Shows Baby Albert
Machakkaran Tamil 3 Shows Raj
Machakkaran Tamil 4 Shows Rohini
Machakkaran Tamil 4 Shows Gopikrishna
Machakkaran Tamil -- Rakhi
Machakkaran Tamil -- Iyappa
Machakkaran Tamil -- Sundar
Machakkaran Tamil -- Nathamuni
Machakkaran Tamil -- Rohini
Machakkaran Tamil -- Arunmathi
Machakkaran Tamil -- Raja Lakshmi
Malaikkottai Tamil 4 Shows Baby Albert
Malaikkottai Tamil 4 Shows Bharath
Maruthamalai Tamil Noon Shows Sai Shanthi
Maruthamalai Tamil 4 Shows Sri Gopikrishna
Maruthamalai Tamil 3 Shows Ratha
Maruthamalai Tamil 3 Shows Lakshmi
Muthal Muthalai Tamil 2.30 pm Sri Gopikrishna
Muthal Muthalai Tamil 4 Shows Lakshmi Bala
Om Shanti Om Hindi 9.15 am (Only on Sat 1st) Santham
Om Shanti Om Hindi 9.45 am (Sat 1st & Sun 2nd Dec) Inox
Om Shanti Om Hindi 12.00 & 6.45 pm Sathyam
Om Shanti Om Hindi 3.50 pm Inox
Om Shanti Om Hindi 4 Shows Woodlands
Om Shanti Om Hindi 11.30, 3.10, 6.40 & 10.15 pm Swarna Sakthi Abirami
Om Shanti Om Hindi 11.00, 4.35 & 7.15 pm Mayajaal
Om Shanti Om Hindi 3 Shows Kamala
Om Shanti Om Hindi 4 Shows Janatha
Om Shanti Om Hindi 4 Shows Rohini
Om Shanti Om Hindi 4 Shows Thirumuruagan
Onbathu Rubai Nottu Tamil 4 Shows Devi Kala
Onbathu Rubai Nottu Tamil 4.00 & 10.15 pm Studio 5
Onbathu Rubai Nottu Tamil 7.00 pm Inox
Onbathu Rubai Nottu Tamil 6.30 pm Padmam
Onbathu Rubai Nottu Tamil 3 Shows Mini Udhayam
Onbathu Rubai Nottu Tamil 3 Shows Padiyan
Onbathu Rubai Nottu Tamil 4 Shows Rohini
Onbathu Rubai Nottu Tamil 12.00 & 10.45 pm Mayajaal
Onbathu Rubai Nottu Tamil 4 Shows Gopikrishna
Orampo Tamil -- Devi
Orampo Tamil 3.45 pm Sathyam
Orampo Tamil 11.30, 3.00, 6.30 & 10.15 pm Sangam
Orampo Tamil 1.00 pm Inox
Orampo Tamil 11.10 & 5.40 pm Mayajaal
Orampo Tamil -- Raj
Orampo Tamil -- Rohini
Orampo Tamil -- Sundar
Orampo Tamil -- Manickam
Orampo Tamil -- Nathamuni
Orampo Tamil -- Rakhi
Orampo Tamil -- Janatha
Orampo Tamil 10.45 am (Sat 1st & Sun 2nd Dec) Sree
Paruthiveeran Tamil 3.00 pm Baby Albert
Paruthiveeran Tamil 11.30 am Gopikrishna
Pollathavan Tamil -- Devi Bala
Pollathavan Tamil -- Albert
Pollathavan Tamil 11.30, 3.00 & 10.15 pm Padmam
Pollathavan Tamil -- MM Theatre
Pollathavan Tamil -- Krishnaveni
Pollathavan Tamil -- AVM Rajeshwari
Pollathavan Tamil -- Kasi
Pollathavan Tamil -- Rahini
Pollathavan Tamil -- Aarathana
Pollathavan Tamil 11.40, 2.00, 4.55, 7.40 & 10.40 pm Mayajaal
Pollathavan Tamil -- Rakhi
Pollathavan Tamil -- Sri Ganga
Pollathavan Tamil -- Sundar
Pollathavan Tamil -- Jayanthi
Pollathavan Tamil -- MSM
Pollathavan Tamil -- Nataraja
Pollathavan Tamil -- Gowri
Pollathavan Tamil -- Velan
Raameswaram Tamil -- Vetri
Raameswaram Tamil -- Sri Devikarumari
Raameswaram Tamil -- Odeon Mani
Raameswaram Tamil -- Sri Pandian
Raameswaram Tamil -- Vigneswara
Raameswaram Tamil 12.30 pm Studio 5
Raameswaram Tamil 12.10 pm Inox
Raameswaram Tamil 4 Shows Jayapradha
Raameswaram Tamil 3 Shows Sai Shanthi
Raameswaram Tamil 11.30, 3.00, 6.30 & 10.15 pm Roopam
Raameswaram Tamil 3 Shows Bharath
Raameswaram Tamil Noon Shows Mini Udhayam
Raameswaram Tamil 2.20 & 10.15 pm Mayajaal
Raameswaram Tamil 4 Shows Rohini
Raameswaram Tamil -- Rakhi
Sivaji Tamil 11.45 am Bala Abirami
Sivaji Tamil -- Rakhi
Takkari Telugu 12.15, 3.30, 6.45 & 10.00 pm Casino
Vel Tamil 9.00 am (Sat 1st & Sun 2nd Dec) Inox
Vel Tamil 8.30 am (Sat 1st & Sun 2nd Dec) Seasons
Vel Tamil 3.15, 6.45 & 10.15 pm Seasons
Vel Tamil 4 Shows Jayapradha
Vel Tamil 11.30, 3.00, 6.30 & 10.00 pm Annai Abirami
Vel Tamil 12.30, 3.45 & 10.05 pm Inox
Vel Tamil 4 Shows Suryan
Vel Tamil 4 Shows Sri Brinda
Vel Tamil 3 Shows Maharani
Vel Tamil 11.20, 2.10, 5.05, 7.55 pm Mayajaal
Vel Tamil 4 Shows Rohini
Vel Tamil 4 Shows SSR Pangajam
Vel Tamil 7.00 & 10.00 pm Prathana
Vel Tamil -- Rakhi
Vel Tamil -- Vetri
Vel Tamil -- Sri Ganga
Vel Tamil -- Velan
Vel Tamil -- Thiyagaraja
Vel Tamil -- Srinivasa
Vel Tamil -- Bagavathy
Vel Tamil -- Sri Lakshmi
Vel Tamil -- Vetrivel Murugan

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Monday, November 19, 2007

Tamil Cinema News

This Week Tamil Cinema News

Karunanidhi launches film version of Russian classic 'Mother'

Tamil Nadu Chief Minister M. Karunanidhi has launched Tamil film Thai Kaviyam (The Mother Epic), based on his own version of Maxim Gorky's Russian classic Mother He hopes the movie, which will have Khushboo in the title role, would prove to be revolutionary

Rahman's small screen debut - for a cause
Composer A.R. Rahman is all set for the small screen debut. He has joined hands with the United Nations and production house Endemol for Mission Ustad - an enlightening musical show on to-be-launched Hindi entertainment channel 9X.

DK wants Mayawati to see film on Periyar
The Dravida Kazhagam wants Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Mayawati to watch the Tamil film Periyar

Rights groups welcome ban on abusive Tamil director
Actor Padmapriya, who was shooting for Tamil film Mirugam, had Saturday complained to the producers and artistes' associations that director Samy had abused and slapped her while filming the movie.

All the Sens are driving me 'insane': Madhavan
There are several actresses with the Sen surname in filmdom and R. Madhavan, who is working with one of them in Sunglass, says similar last names make things rather difficult for him!

Ilayaraja's song makes 'Katrathu Thamizh' a hit
Music director Yuvan Shankar Raja's Katrathu Thamizh continues to be the most popular Tamil film album. The rustic, folk touch in the songs has gone down well with listeners, specially the one sung by his father, renowned composer Ilayaraja.

'Katrathu Thamizh' is fortnight's surprise winner
Debutant director Ram's Katrathu Thamizh, earlier named Thamizh MA, has got a good opening across Tamil Nadu, surprising many because it isn't a typical 'masala' film but a serious and hard-hitting one.

Seven-film bouquet for Tamil fans on Diwali
The Diwali weekend offers a seven-film bonanza for Tamil movie buffs in which seven actors will shine on screen Nov 9. Diwali releases 2007 tamil movies : Azhagiya Thamizh Magan, Bheema, Vel, Billa, Polladhavan

At last a 10-year-old dream comes true: A.R. Rahman
Veteran music composer A.R. Rahman is all set to perform live in the capital Nov 17 and thanks Fever 104 FM for making his long cherished dream come true.

Case against Deols of dishonouring cheque withdrawn
A court in Chennai Thursday dismissed a case against Bollywood actor Dharmendra and his actor son Sunny Deol for stopping payment of two cheques they issued to the Chennai-based complainant as he told the court that he was dropping the charges.

Raj TV to produce movies
South Indian television channel company Raj Television Network Ltd is chalking out plans to get into movie production.

Kokki Karan now Kaali :
Karan, the actor who worked as villain in most of the films turned as a hero through Kokki, after that he has done Karupasamy Kuthagaidarar and Thee nagar as Hero. Now, is new film is "Kaali", Kaali was a super hit movie of Rajnikanth. Reuse of Rajni's film titles is the latest trend, after Polladhavan and Billa, now Kaali title is going to be used again.Karan is the hero. Sneha and Sandhya will be in the lead. Karan is currently working on Kaathavarayan.

Sneha with Simbu in Silambattam :
Simbu's Kettavan is in off mode now, he is getting ready with Kaalai to reach the theatres. His new film Silambattam is in hot pot, Sneha is going to be the heroine. No, this is not our Tamil Sneha, she is Sneha Ullal from Bombay. She acted in Hindi & Telugu movies and debut into Tamil through Silambattam. Cinematographer Saravanan directs the film. Lakshmi movie makers produce and Dhina composing music. As remix trend going on songs, they planned to remix Sivaji's Nalamthana Nalamthana song of Thilana Mohanambal in Silambattam.

Balaji Sakthivel's Kallori :
Director Balaji's debut film was "Kadhal" with Bharath and Sandhya, it was a super duper hit. The latest news about Balaji is about the audio release of his new film "Kallori" casting new face Akhil with actress Tamanna. Joshua Sridhar is the music director. Tamanna acted in few films, out of that was "Vyapari" with S.J.Surya, eventhough she is cute and beautiful she is not able to get a break in the industry, hope she will through Kallori. "Kallori" film produced by Shankar through S Pictures. Shankar started a new audio company called "S" Audios. "Shankar producing good scripts and giving full freedom to directors to come out with their own ideas" said Prakashraj. Some of the film personalities attended the function : A.R.Rahman, Mani ratnam, Balu Mahendra, Ameer, Bharathiraja, Thangar Bachchan, Lingusamy, venkat prabhu, simbu Devan, Prakashraj and others.

Snippets :
Nayanthara is busy in the shooting for "Yaaradi Nee Mokini" with Dhanush and "Sathyam" with Vishal.

Comedians Santhanam and Kanja Karuppa are the heroes of "Arai Enn 305il Kadavul" film directed by Simudevan and produced by Director Shankar in the "S" Pictures banner. Prakashraj plays the "Kadavul" role, Star cast includes Ilavarasu, Rajesh, Thalaivasal Vijay, MathanBob, V.S.Raghavan, V.M.C.Haneefa, Kathal Sukumar, M.S.Bhasker and others. Shooting went on well at Chennai, Thirvannamalai, Thenkasi, Porur and other areas of tamilnadu. Vidyasagar composed 5 songs giving us variety in Folk, Fantasy and Melody. Jothirmayi and Madhumitha are the heroines in this film.

Kamal expressed his wish to spend his retire life ( ! ? ) in Kerala.

Ravi & Genelia Santhosh Subramaniam
Ravi's debut film was "Jayam" with Sada, his brother Raja directed the movie. Everyone knows the victory of the film. After that Raja and Ravi combination worked well in M.Kumaran S/o Mahalakshmi and "Something Something". The pair is again coming on to us with Santhosh Subramaniam. Genelia started her career in Shankar's Boys and paired with Vijay in Sachin, but she not have a consistent victory and base in Tamil, but she is doing well in Telugu. This is the first time Ravi and Genelia coming together in a movie. Director Ravi directs the movie and shooting is going on a fast face. Jayam Ravi having a good number of films in his hands, his next films are with Director Jananathan and Director Ameer. The film with Jananathan is an action based movie. Santhosh subramaniam is a well packed Father - Son sentiment with love.

Old titles getting new colours :
Old super hit film titles is now getting the attraction of Kodambakkam directors, Cheran is also not an exception. He has finished the "Pirivom Sandhipoom" with Sneha directed by Karu Palaniappan. The director turned actor seems to be not interested with direction, he is now getting ready to continue his acting profession, his film "Raman Thediya Seethai" will start rolling from December first week, Jagan is the director, he has given a good and decent movie titled "Kodambakkam" with Nandha in lead. The film received good comments even though not yield good collection at box office. Raman Thediya Sethai was the title used by MGR, and was a super hit movie. Now, Jagan opted for the title and Moserbaer the corporate film company going to produce the film. Well, Cheran's Autograph is still remains in the minds and hearts of tamilians, and audience like to see Cheran as a director again. Hope, he will be behind the camera soon.

Marmayogi Kamal :
Kamal's dasavatharam getting delayed and due for Pongal 2008. Now, Kamal started his pre production work for his new film. Marmayogi going to be directed and produced by Kamal hassan on first copy basis for Adlabs. The buzz is that, Kajol would play the heroine role and music by A.R.Rahman. Old titles for new films is a new trend in Kollywood. After Ajith Billa, Dhanush Polladhavan, Sarth kumar's Nam naadu, now MGR's Marmayogi title has been borrowed by Kamal for his new movie. This will be a tri -lingual film in Tamil, Hindi and Telugu.

Silambarasan's Silambattam :
Silambarasan alias Simbu's new film is Silambattam, will be launched on Nov 12th. Cameraman Saravanan debut as Director through this film. After P.C.Sreeram, K.V.Anand and Rajiv Menon another cinematographer turned as director. Lakshmi Movie Makers produce the film. This is 25th movie to the production house. Dhina will compose music. Mathi is the cameraman. Silambattam will start rolling after the pooja. Simbu's Kettavan is in trouble, the film has been talked as a competitor to Dhanush Pollathavan, but as per the industry buzz Kettavan film is in suspension mode as of now.

Second round by K.Balachander :
He is a trend setter in Tamil movies, he is a trend setter in Television too. In early 90's when most of the film directors hesitate to enter TV field, Director K.Balachander made his presence in TV field and directed super hit TV serials. After the late 90's upto now he kept himself away from the small screen due to its masala serials. Now, after the request from Kalaignar, he is again coming to small screen for Kalaignar TV, this is a second round for K.B. He is doing serials for the channel. "Naan Aval Illai" is a serial which is just a flip of "Naan Avan Illai" concept. The story is all about a fraud woman and a geninue lawyer. As per K.B, "The serial will be presented with different story line every week, and at the end, if you bring all the weeks in one line it will give you a full story", a new concept by Balachandar. Welcome Sir.

Shriya an item girl :
For a Tamil actress there could be only one big goal in their film career. ie. to act with Rajni. Shriya Saran, the hot and young actress achieved the goal within a short span of time after her entry into Tamil films. For most of the heroines, after acting with Rajni the graph will be over. But for Shriya, she is now busy with Vijay and Vikram for ATM and Kanthasamy respectively. And the interesting news is that she is playing an item number in Vadivelu's "Indiralaokathil Na Azhagappan". Vadivelu playing 3 different roles in this tamil cinema and Ramaiah is the director. The song sequence starring Vadivelu and Shriya was shooted in Ambasamudram, Tenkasi. As per sources a big amount has been given to Shreya to feature her face in the film.

Bharath Nepali
Director VZ Durai gave a decent movie "Mugavari" with Ajith. Now, his forthcoming film is "Nepali" with Bharath and Meera Jasmine in lead. This is the first time Bharath and Meera coming together. The stills of the pair in romance mood makes the youngsters to eagerly look for the release of the movie. The national award winning actress Meera has done homely roles, but in Nepali film, she has opted to do glamour heroine to Bharath. The script of Nepali is new to Kollywood, there are 3 stories in one Film, Confusing ? - Yes, Director Durai penned a different script and we have to wait and see the knot between each stories. Bharath plays 3 roles in Nepali. One of the role is a Nepali boy, another one angry young man ( Psycho ) and a student. The latest news is that, Director himself lended voice to one of the character of Bharath in this movie to give different feeling to the audience. Srikanth Deva composed songs. Madhi is the camera man. The crew is busy to release the movie soon.

Deepavali releases :
Deepavali is nearing and Tamil film producers are in full swing to release their films. This diwali will be a double festival to Vijay fans. Actor Vijay's ATM ( Azhagiya Tamil Mahan ) will hit the theatres for this festival season. Shriya plays the heroine role to Vijay. Surya, Asin, and Director Hari combo going to serve us "Vel". Surya plays dual role in this movie. Dhanush Poladavan with Divya will also release for Diwali. Already the audio of Poladavan hit the music shops, Vel and ATM audio songs will hit the market in next few days. Vikram's Bheema with Trisha and Ajith's Billa with Nayantara will hit only in the mid of December. Kamal's Dasavatharam will be only for Pongal 2008.

Madhavan, a new producer !
Madhavan, the chocolate boy of tamil films was introduced by Maniratnam in Alaipayuthey, and he build up his career through Run, Aayutha Eluthu and other films, his latest movie Aarya is a hit. Madhavan's forthcoming cinema is Evano Oruvan. It's a marathi remake. The story is not about a superstar, but about an ordinary man and his life. Sangeetha shared the lead role with maddy. Madhavan started a new production house called Leukos films, and Evano Oruvan is the first movie of maddy as producer. After Kamal hassan and Prakash Raj, now maddy becomes a producer to give quality films. Welcome Producer !

Heroine Hunt for Vaaranam Aayiram ?
Gautham menon who gave us a super hit with Surya in Kakha Kakha is now again joined with Surya for Vaaranam aayiram tamil movie, the latest news is that the director is looking for a suitable heroine for this film. First of all Deepika Padukone was approached but she refused the offer as she preferred to be SRK's heroine in Om Shanti Om, then it was our own Asin and Trisha, but they had no dates. Now, the buzz is that Gautham approached sexy girl Sameera reddy for the heroine role, and it will be confirmed only after getting endorsement from the hero Surya. Actor Surya is in Europe with Asin for the film "Vel" shooting. Ramya of Kuthu fame plays one of the heroines in Vaaranam Aayiram.

Director Bharathiraja in Kalignar TV :
Tamil cinema's trend setter Director Bharathiraja is now ready to steal the hearts of TV audience. He is hard working in the shooting of "Therkathi Ponnu", a TV serial to be telecast in Kalignar TV. CM Mr. Karunanidhil himself invited Bharathiraja to direct the serial. "16 Vayathenele" was a trend setter in Tamil film industry, Bharathiraja converted the cinema style, from sets to real villages. Now, Bharathiraja's this experiment in Therkathi Ponnu will make the TV Serials to move towards Villages, currently most of the TV serials being shooted in Chennai and surroundings. Therkathi ponnu serial will cast actress Ranjitha and actor Napoleoan in lead. Ranjitha was introduced by Bharathiraja some 15 years back, now she is again with the director for TV Serial. "Rekla Race" and other real village flavor will be part of the serial.

Nadai Udai Bhavanai :
Director Vasanth is one of the decent movie makers in Kollywood. His latest release is "Satham Poodathey". Prithviraj and Padmapriya played the lead roles. The movie getting good comments all over the state and doing well at the box office. Director Vasanth is getting ready for his next directorial venture, the film has been titled as Nadai, Udai, Bhavanai. Vasanth was an assistant to Director Balachander, so he is having the impact of K.B's directorial touches. Vasnth's next movie will have a serious storyline and message to the public. Actors and Actresses not yet decided for this film.

Vikram's Kandasamy Trailer - New to Kollywood :
Affter Kamal hassan there is another man who dares to do different roles in Kollywood, and that's Vikram. The film trailer has been released even before the film pooja, this is new to tamil cinema. Kalaipuli Thanu who who doesn't care about spending money for his films is the producer. The price for a single invitation for the pooja is nearly Rs 10000. They gave a Digital invitation which shows the trailer. The music director for this film is Devi Sri Prasad. Shriya is the heroine and be ready to watch the sexy look of Shriya in this film, she is terrific. Susi Ganeshan directs this movie. Ekhambaram the camerman. Thotta tharani art director. You can watch the pooja function of Kanthasamy in Sun TV.

Kaalai Simbu :
Simbu the little super star of Tamil cinema is getting ready with Kaalai for Diwali show. Vedika plays opposite to Simbhu in Kaalai. Another highlight of the movie is, that actress Mamta Mohandas debut as a play back singer in Tamil through Kaalai film. She already sung in Telugu and recently bagged the filmfare award for best female play back singer in Telugu. We can hear her voice in Tamil through Kaalai, music composer G.V.Prakash composed music for this movie. Simbu's Kaalai slated for Deepavali. The song sequence will be picture in Rome and Venice with Simbu and Vedika.

Vijay's ATM :
Dr.Vijay after giving success with Prabhu deva in Pokkirri is coming to us this Deepavali with ATM ( Azhagiya Tamizh Mahan ). Shriya, the heroine of Rajni is now the heroine of Vijay. The shooting of songs for ATM went on well at European countries. A.R.Rahman composed music for Vijay in "Udaya", eventhough the songs reached the audience, the film washed out due to various reasons. Now, the duo coming back with ATM. As per sources, ar rahman composed soul touching music for this film. Upto yesterday ,the only hurdle for the film is that one Mohammad Farookh filed a case against the Azhagiya Tamil Magan producer Mr.Appachan claiming that the story of ATM belonged to his production house. Appachan paid Rs 1 lakh after the intervention of Tamil film producers council. As a new turn, Appachan now agreed in Madras high court to pay the remaining amount claimed by Farooq for the script. So, Director Bharathan and Actor Vijay is out of tension now, and there is no barrier to release the movie.

Nayanthara's films :
Nayanthara, is busy in both Kollywood and Telugu. She completed her talkie portion for the Ajit's Billa movie and only a song to be shot. Billa will hit theatres for Deepavali. Nayanathara presently busy in the shooting of Dhanush's Yaaradi Nee Mogini. The film shooting going on well at Tirunelveli and nayanthara plays a stylish modern girl in this movie and some village scenes is now being canned in and around Tirunelveli

Tamilnadu State Awards for the year 2005 & 2006 has been announced :
Rajinikanth and Jyothika has been awarded as Best Actor & Actress respectively for the year 2005. Chandramukhi has been selected as the best movie of the year 2005. Director Shankar as the best film director for the movie Anniyan. And other awardees list below


Best Films :

1st : Rajnikanth's Chandramukhi, Surya's Ghajini
2nd : Director Shankar & Vikram's Anniyan
3rd : Cheran's Thavamai Thavamirundhu

Special Award : Priyasakhi

Actor : Rajnikanth for Chandramukhi
Actress : Jyothika for Chandramukhi

Director : Shankar (Anniyan)

Music Director : Harris Jeyaraj for Anniyan & Ghajini

Playback Singers :
Male Playback singer : Sriram Parthasarathy
Female Playback Singer : Bombay Jayashree

Actor (Special Prize) : Vijay for Thirupachi & Surya in Ghajini
Actress ( Special Prize ) : Meera Jasmine (Kasthoorimaan)

Cameraman : R D Rajasekhar
Editor : Antony
Art Director : Thottatharani (Chandramukhi, Sringaram)
Stunts : Kanal Kannan for composing stunt in Sandai Kozhi
Character Artiste : Rajkiran (Sandai Kozhi) & Kalairani in Kodambakkam film
Villain : Prakashraj
Comedian : Vivek
Dubbing Artiste : S N Surendhar & Savitha
Best Lyricist : Na Muthukumar

Kamal Haasan has been selected as the best actor for the year 2006 for his movie Vettaiyadu Vilaiyadu and Priyamani as the best actress for her movie Paruthiveeran.

Best Films
First: Veyyil
Second: Paruthiveeran
Third : Thiruttu Payalae

Director : Thirumurugan (Em Mahan)

Music Director : Yuvanshankar Raja

Playback Singers : Madhu Balakrishnan & Shreya Ghosal

Kamal Haasan for Vettaiyaadu Vilaiyaadu

Priya Mani for Paruthiveeran

Ravi Verman for Vettaiyaadu Vilaiyaadu

Suresh Urs

Actor (Special Prize)
Karthi (Paruthiveeran) & Pakhru (Dishoom)

Best Actress (Special Prize)
Sandhya (Dishoom)

Art Director
Krishnamurthy (Vadivelu's Imsai Arasan)

Super Subbarayan

Character Artiste
Nasser - Sharanya for Em Mahan film

Kadhir & Jayageetha

Pasupathy in the film E

Vadivelu in Imsai Arasan

Siva Shankaran

Upcoming films & releases :

"Kuruvis changing"
Vijay's next movie is Kuruvi produced by Udayanidhi, grand son of Tamilnadu CM Mr. Karunanidhi and Son of Minister Thiru. M.K.Stalin.This is the first movie for udayanithi as a producer. Vijay's Kuruvi film is by Director "Gilli" Dharani. The combination of Dharani and Vijay was worked well in Gilli, which was a super hit and now the team come back with this new film. The heroine for this movie changing day by day, it's become a roller coaster, first of all Trisha was selected as heroine, after some days Nayanthara captured the place and now again Trisha is in the race. Trisha is now in hyderabad for the shooting of Gautham Menon's Chennayil Oru Mazhaikalam film.

Vishals Malaikottai & Bharathiraja's Bomallatam :
Bharathiraja who is a trend setter in kollywood, now ready with his Bomallatam, the remake of Hindi version "Cinema". Cinema, is the second hindi film by bharathiraja. Nana Patekar plays the lead role, as a director in this movie. Arjun is also in the movie as a tough cop. Kajal Agarwal plays an actress in the movie. Bomallatam will be released soon in tamilnadu and the director eagerly awaiting for the success of the movie. Vishal, the young actor's movies were all success and like to maintain the tempo, his latest movie is "Malaikottai" as the name suggests, most of the film has been shooted in Trichy surroundings. Priyamani as heroine, and her glamour in songs will surely attract youngsters to the theatres. Boopathy Pandian, after the success with Dhanush Thiruvilayadal Arambham, directs this movie. The film will be a racy commercial entertainer. Ashish Vidyarthi and Devaraj as Villains - Mayilsamy, Manobala and Kadhal Dhandapani are also in the star cast of Malakottai film. Director Boopathy Pandian directs Vikram in his next movie. Some of the Kollywood tamil films scheduled for September release are : Maruthamalai, Seena Thana 001, Thoovanam, Theekuchi, Vayasu Puyale, Vegam ( S.Ve.Shekar Son's debut film ) , Maniratnam's assistant and Director Priya's Kannamoochi Ennada ( Sathyaraj ), Pollathavan, Sivi, Sila Nerangallil

Rajnikanth's Next film by Director Mani Ratnam ? :
Till today, Thalapathi by Rajnikanth is one of the super hit films in Kollywood. The film was directed by Mani ratnam. "Adi Raakama Kaiya Thattu" song still attracts everyone. Ok, what's about it ? Well, the combo may be back after nearly 2 decades. Rajnikanth met Maniratnam some days back, this creates the rumour about his next movie and the latest one is that Manirathnam going to direct Rajni's next film. And some people even tells that the name of the film would be "Chakravarthi", and more than all - Rajnikanth and Kamal hassan might be the heroes in this film. There is no confirmed statement from both the sides, but if Rajnikanth - Mani Ratnam - Kamal hassan joins, it will be mega blockbuster movie.

Sathyaraj doing Vambu Sandai :
Sathyaraj and his favourite director Raj kapoor once again joined their hands for a new film titled Vambu Sandai. Sathyaraj created his own style of action called "Lollu" characters. But after his recent movie "Periyar" - The life history of EVK Ramasamy Naicker @ Thanthai Periyar he is selective in his characters. He is now doing a lead role in Thankar Bachchan's film which is a different character. Another one is this Vambu Sandai. The buzz is that he is playing as an election commissioner in this film, which is similar to the real life hero Mr.T.N.Seshan. But the director refused it. T.N.Seshan character was already done by Mr.Vijayakumar in Arjun's Sengottai film. So, in future we can see a different Sathyaraj rather than the stereo type "Lollu" characters.

Vel : Surya & Asin Again :
Asin & Surya the pair which gave us a super hit Ghajini is now ready to reach us with "Vel". Asin's schedule is busy with the remake of Ghajini in Hindi. Asin plays the lead role in Aamir khan's film and getting lot of offers in Hindi. But she came to Chennai to join the Vel Unit.Director Hari and Surya joined their hands for second time. Their first combination was in "Aaru", now "Vel". Director Hari is famous for his Masala entertainer. Surya plays dual role in this movie. Eventhough Surya's Vaaranam Aayiram with Gowtham Menon is getting shaped, Surya is busy with Vel movie to release it as a Diwali gift to his fans.Vaaranam Aayiram would be his Pongal 2008 release.

'Ilayathalapathy' "Dr".Vijay !
"Dr".Vijay. No, it's not a typographical mistake, it's going to happen on 27th August 2007. Ilayathalapathy Vijay fans can raise their collar because the young Actor has been conferred a Doctorate by Dr.M.G.R. University. The function to be held on 27th August 2007. Indian Space Reasearch Organization ISRO. Chairman Padmabushan Dr.Madhavan Nair will be the Chief guest. Why Dr Title to Vijay ? The answer is, for his achievement in the film industry at such a young age and for his social welfare activities through his fan club.

Yogi Ameer :
Directors are very much interested to show their face in the silver screen. Ameer is also not an exception. K.S.Ravikumar always show his face atleast in one scene on his films. Director Cheran already doing films has hero. Thangarbachan done "Appasamy" and now finished is "Pallikoodam" as hero. And there are so many directors in the list. Latest one is Director Ameer. He is the hero of the movie "Yogi". Ameer provides Story, Screenplay and Dialogues, Director Subramania Siva who gave super hit to "Dhanush" in Thiruda Thiridi is the director of Yogi. Ameer's passion is towards direction only, so his next movie as Director is "Kannapiran" with Jayam Ravi in lead. Yogi music composed by Yuvan shankar raja and Ramji is the cinematographer.

Shankar with SRK ?
Director Shankar is out of tension after the success of Sivaji and normally he will take atleast 6 months time to start his next movie. Now the buzz is that, Shankar is going to start his Science fiction movie Robo in Jan 2008, Wait a second.. it is not in Tamil, but in Hindi with Sharukh Khan in lead, Red Chilies the production house of SRK is going to be the producer. The film will have tamil and telugu version. Both Shankar and SRK not confirmed the news yet. If it happens, it will be a great extravaganza to whole India.

Madhavan's Arya :
Maddy's Arya with Bhavana in lead will be released on August 10th, the film is postponed due to non availability of theaters in tamilnadu. Most of the major silver screens in tamil nadu showing Sivaji and Kireedom. Thatwhy Arya is postponed for the second week of August. The film is a Masala entertainer. The movie trailer is already running on Television channels. Some peppy songs are composed by Mani Sharma. Arya is directed by Balashekhar. Bhavana's dream hero is Madhavan and her dreams comes true.

G.V.Prakash, Young music director rules Tamilnadu
The young music director G.V.Prakash is ruling the Tamil cine songs audience through his new film Kireedom. The film is doing well in the box office at the same time the music has helped the movie. "Kanavellam" song sung by Jayachandaran and Karthik and "Akkam Pakkam" by Sadhana Sargam are the best songs. .Ajith, Raj Kiran and Trisha's performances have gone down very well with the audience.

Yuvan Shankar Raja Satham Podaathey : Carnatic Singer Sudha Raghunathan is into film songs now, Singers Shankar Mahadevan and Shreya Ghosal are also there in this album.The album is worth buying.

Another Aayirathil Oruvan :
Aayirathil Oruvan, the yesteryear block buster movie of MGR, Aayirathil Oruvan songs are still popular among tamil audience. Actor Karthi of "Parutheveeran fame" is the hero of this new Aayirathil Oruvan. Director Selvaraghavan catched this title. Reema sen plays opposite Karthi. The original Aayirathil Oruvan pair was MGR - Jayalalitha. The music is by none other than Yuvan Shankar Raja - Selva's favourite music director in tamil. The buzz is that Actor Dhanush is going to appear in a guest role.

Maddy's Arya :
Madhavan's arya a romantic commercial movies is slated for July 27, as per sources Bhavana - Madhavan combination worked well in this movie. Popular Telugu music composer Mani sharma scored music to Arya. Mani sharma was the music director for the super hit vijay film "Pokkiri". Balasekaran directs Arya, the film has been certified "U".

Ajith's Kireedam :
Ajith is in a tough situation to sustain his position, and now Ajith got a chance to prove himself through this movie. Krieedom is a Malayalam remake. The film is directed by Vijay. Trisha is the heroine, Raj kiran played as father to Ajith. And as per sources, the film songs has beaten the sales record of Sivaji. Krieedom songs has been composed by G.V.Prakash, nephew of Music director A.R.Rahman. The film is a family entertainer with Thiru as Cameraman.

Indiralokathil Na.Azhagappan :
Comedian Vadivelu's second film as hero. His first movie as hero was "Imsai arasan 23 am Pulikesi" was a super duper hit. He is now working in Indiralokathil Na.Azhagappan as hero. Vadivelu plays 3 different roles in this movie. Director of this film is Ramaiyah. Vadivelu plays as "Indran", "Yeman" and a normal human character. Art Director is Thotta Dharani, Gopinath is the cameraman. Sabesh - murali composed music. Detta Sharma is the heroine.

"MGR" coming back to Silver Screen :
MGR, the three letters which ruled Tamilnadu over decades as politician and film star still in the heart of lacs and lacs of people in tamilnadu. "Sivaji", this is another name which ruled the heart of tamil film fans. Rajnikanth grabbed the title "Sivaji" and now Vijayakanth grabbed the title "MGR". His new film has been titled MGR. This is going to be the 150th film of Vijayakanth. Madhesh, once an assistant to Director Shankar is the director of the film MGR. Madhesh is said to have gone on a Canada tour to select a suitable location for the first schedule of shooting. As per sources, Nayanthara, Asin, Shriya and Trisha rejected the offer to play as heroine to Vijayakanth due to their tight schedule. Now, Gurlin Chopra has been selected as the heroine.

Arai Enn 305il kadavul :
The title is different, will the film be ? We have to wait and see, but we hope it will be a success, because Director Simbudevan who gave us a super hit movie "Imsai Arasan 23am Pullikesi" in a historical background with comedy king Vadivelu is now ready for his next film "Arai Enn 305il Kadavul" ( Room number 305il Kadavul ). Again his guru Shankar is the producer, Comedians Santhanam and Kanja Karupu plays the lead roles and Prakashraj as the Kadavul to them.

Cine bits :
Simbu's Kettavan heroine is Lekha, who is working for S.S. Music TV Channel has been rolled in to this film Kettavan as heroine to Simbu.

Madhavan alias Maddy to his fans is busy in both Tamil and Bolly : He is doing Tamil films "Arya", "Leelai", "Evanoo Oruvan", "Vaazthugal" and 3 films in Bolly.

Director Jayaraj in Tamil :
One of the famous malayalam directors Mr.Jayaraj is entering tamil film industry with his Tamil film "Sila Nearangalil". Jayaraj gave hits like Desatanam, Karunam, Saantham, Kaliaatam, for the people and more in malayalam. Now he is ready to start his count in Tamil. Jayaraj is famous for both art and commerical movies. Sila Neerangalil is a thriller mixed commercial movie. Pokiri Villain Vincent plays anti hero character in this movie. Srikanth deva is the music director. Lyrics by Vairamuthu. Navya nair is the heroine. Another film is by "Friends" fame Director Siddique. Tamil film Friends gave life to both Surya and Vijay and it was a turning point to both the
actors. Now Siddique is ready to give another Tamil film "Saadhu Miranda", Prassana is the hero and Kavya Madhavan is the heroine of the movie.

Director Vasanth's Sathum Podaathay
Tamil film director Vasanth's romantic thriller movie is Sathum Podaathey, Prithviraj and Padmapriya plays the lead roles. Even before the release the film is getting good reports. Prithviraj and Padmapriya are leading actors in Malayalam film industry, so the film will be dubbed in malayalam also.

"Kandasamy" Vikram will be in Africa :
Kandasami is the next movie of multifaceted actor Vikram after "Bheema" ( Trisha is the heroine and directed by Lingusamy ). Susi Ganesan is the director of Kandasamy. Normally our tamil film directors choose either European countries or Australia for their songs, but Susi ganesan's angle is different, his choice is African countries. Ganesan has identified locations in wildlife rich Kenya and Tanzania for sequences that would be visual treats for the audience. Shooting of film Kandasamy in these venues will start in August. So audience, be ready to watch your favourite hero and heroine in new locations. In the mean time, Vikram's Bheema TV right has been captured by Sun TV. Television rights of Sivaji, Dasavatharam, Mozhi and other 11 new films have been already booked by yet to be started Kalaingar TV.

What next after Dasavatharam :
Kamal hassan, one of the best actors in the world devoted his full concentration on the film Dasavatharam. Kamal plays 10 different roles in this movie and it's a world record. "Nadigar Thilagam" Sivaji done 9 roles in Navarathiri, and now this is Kamal's turn. K.S.Ravikumar directs this movie and Oscar Ravichandran produce Thasavatharam. As per industry buzz, Kamal's next movie is a commercial entertainer with Director P.Vasu, who gave the mega hit Chandramukhi with Rajni.

Sivaji Tickets ? : Please wait !!!
Theatres run out of tickets for Rajni's 'Sivaji', Call it the lull after the storm. A day after tens of thousands of people mobbed movie theatres in chennai for tickets to Rajnikant's 100th film "Sivaji: The Boss". There were no queues at any of the halls that had Sunday seen a mad frenzy for tickets. "It is all quite monday. There are no more tickets to be sold," a theatre owner said. Nothing perhaps better illustrates the Rajnikant phenomenon more than a huge hoarding at Gemini flyover, the busiest crossing in the heart of Chennai. It shows the iconic superstar wearing a corduroy jacket and with a strutting posture. In bold letters, the hoarding says "Boss". At 57, Rajnikant is literally the boss of southern cinema. And his 100th Tamil film, significantly, is titled "Sivaji: The Boss". All the theatres in tamil nadu run out of tickets.

Maddy's Arya on July 6th ?
R. Madhavan and Bhavana's much-awaited "Arya" will finally hit the screens July 6. Its release was delayed due to financial stringency. The film expects to do well as it is coming after the first three weeks of Rajnikanth's blockbuster "Sivaji".

Karan Theenagar :
Villain turned Hero Karan done well on Kokki and Karupasamy, and now his third film as hero is Theenagar - a Students subject. Karan plays the Ex College Chairman role. Thirumala is the director and the heroine is young good looking Udhayathara. "Thee'nagar backdrop is Chennai college students.

Asin and Surya in Vel :
Asin and Surya combination worked well on the past. Asin is now busy in Hindi Ghajini. Director Hari is also ready for his next film "Vel". Director Hari first of all went to Nayanthara, but she rejected the offer due to dates unavailable. Now, Hari selected Asin. Vel will start rolling from June 1.

Naan Kadavul Parvathy :
Director Bala, one of the dedicated directors in ( Kollywood ) Tamil film industry is shaping his new film Njan Kadavul inch by inch, and the film is under production for a long time. Heroine Bhavana has been dropped, and as per sources young actress Parvathy from Kerala is his new heroine. Parvathy's debut film was Notebook. Meenakshi, heroine of Karuppasamy Kuthagaithaarar film was also in the race, but Parvathy grabbed the opportunity.

Chennai 600028 Box office NO 1. and at Music Shops Sivaji Songs at No 1.

SPB Charan, SPB and Venkat Prabhu are happy about the box office hit of their film Chennai 28. Distributors were not interested in "Chennai 600028", neither were theatre owners because the film had no big names to boast of. But it has turned out to be a winner at the box office. Now big theatres are opening their doors to the film and many distributors ruing their decision. The film, produced by S.P.B. Charan, the son of well-known singer S.P. Balasubramaniam, is a surprise hit.

1. "Chennai 600028" - Director: Venkat Prabhu. Youngsters simply love this small film with unknown actors and with 'gulli' cricket as the backdrop. This is an unexpected hit because of its simplicity and realism.

2. "Naan Avan Illai" - Director: Selva. The film is a remake of an old classic with the same title. The remake is technically brilliant and sleeker. Jeevan is excellent in the role immortalised by Gemini Ganesan.

3. "Periyar" - Director: Gnana Rajasekharan. A film by a serious filmmaker like Rajasekharan was not expected to attract people, but it has got an excellent response throughout Tamil Nadu. Satyaraj is superb as Periyar.

4. "Unnale Unnale" - Director: Jeeva. The urban youth have lapped up this love story directed by cinematographer-turned-director Jeeva.

Audio sales at Music shops :

1. "Sivaji" - Music Director: A.R. Rahman. The song introducing Rajnikant and sung by S.P. Balasubramaniam, Rehanah Benny and chorus is creating a buzz among the actor's fans. But the pick of the album is "Sahara pookal", a melody rendered beautifully by Vijay Yesudas and Gomathishree.

2. "Unnale Unnale" - Music Director: Harris Jayaraj. "June ponna" sung by Krish and Arun is still the favourite. Yet another hit album from Harris Jayaraj.

3. "Chennai 600028" - Music Director: Yuvan Shankar Raja. The film's surprise box office success has helped the album sales.

Film about Rajiv Gandhi killing : Mammootty
After two Tamil films on Rajiv Gandhi's assassination, a third big-screen interpretation of the tragedy is on the cards, this time in Malayalam with matinee idol Mammootty in the main lead.
The film is titled "Mission 60 Days" and Mammootty plays a special investigation office named Major Sivaram. It is expected to treat the theme very differently from its Tamil predecessors, "Kutrapathirikai" (Chargesheet) and "Kuppi" (Cyanide Capsule). Major Ravi, a former Indian army officer, who earlier made the Malayalam film "Keerthi Chakra" with Mohanlal, is directing the film -- which deals with the May 21, 1991 assassination of former prime minister Rajiv Gandhi by a suicide bomber in the Tamil Nadu town of Sriperumbudur."Mission 60 Days" will be shot in Chennai and Bangalore, among other places.

Karthi is choosy :
Karthi who scored century in his debut film itself is now getting ready for his next movie with director Selvaraghavan, the film titled "Ithu Malai Nerathu Mayakkam". Sandhya is the heroine. The film will start rolling from the Mid of May. Karthi proved himself as a village guy in Paruthiveeran, now it's time to prove as a stylish city boy. Even though he is getting lot of offers, he is very selective. Director & Producer Lingusamy got the opprutunity to do a film with Karthi after IMNM completes.

Sivaji The Boss release postponed ? :
Whole Tamil people waiting.... waiting......for the release of Sivaji The Boss cinema. But as per sources, that Sivaji release will be in June due to the delay in re-recording and post production work. The graphics work for the climax scene is taking time and cause the main reason for the delay.

Sneha doing Aruvadai :
You can see homely-Glam girl Sneha as a pilot in "Aruvadai" tamil movie, Mammootty came back to tamil films through Aruvadai.. A debutant director named Karthy is the director of the movie, Mammotty plays an IB officer role. Vidyasagar is the music director and film is bilingual in Tamil and Malayalam.

Naan Kadavul :
There is a buzz that actress Bhavana is out of the film "Naan Kadavul" due to her Call - sheet problem with Director Bala and director is looking for some fresh face to do the role.

'New' Billa Ajith :
The pooja of Ultimate star Ajith's "Billa", the new version of the old classic movie of Super star Rajnikanth went on well. Old Billa was produced by Balaji, Sripriya was the heroine to Rajni. New Billa is directed by Vishnuvardhan. Main heroine to Ajith is Nayanthara and Namitha as a second heroine. Rajnikanth attended the function, and lighted the Kuthuviakku. Directors Dharani, K.S.Ravikumar, Mani ratnam, Suresh Krishna, Producers AVM Saravanan, Ramanarayanan, R B Chowdary and actress Sripriya attended the function. This big budget action film going to be shooted in India and malayasia

Mayakkanadi : Cheran & Navya
Cheran, one of the respectable director in Kollywood. Cheran's Tamil new year release is Mayakkanadi. A story about youths and their dream world. Navya nair plays as a city girl. The film got U Certificate and will surely attract the family audience. Illyaraja scored music. Mayakanadi should compete with Chennai 28, Actor Jeeva's brother Ramesh's Maduraiveeran ( Music by Srikanth Deva ) and some more films.

Killadi Bharath :
Bharath, upcoming young hero in Tamil is happy with his latest release Koodal Nagar. Bharath played dual role in this movie. Bhavana and Santhiya as heroines. The film is going well all over the state and Bharath's next film is Killadi with Director A.Venkatesh. Yester year heroine Roja plays the Villi role in this movie. Killadi is an action based love subject.

Tamil film Releases :
Cheran's Mayakanaadi
SPB Charan - Venkat Prabhu : Chennai 600028
Dhanush's Parattai Engira Azhaghu Sundaram
Jeevan - Sneha - Namitha - Malavika - Jothirmayi - Keerthi Chawla : Naan Avan Illai
Arya's Oram Po
Karan's Karupasamy Kuthagaitharar

Tamil movie Chips :
After Bheema, Vikram's next movie is Kandasamy direction by Susi Ganesan

'Yaaradi Nee Mohini' shooting is in full swing, Dhanush is the hero and the heroine is none other

than Nayanthara.

World cup is now no threat to Sivaji, due to the exit of Indian cricket team from World cup,

Rajni - Shreya - starrer Shankar film "Sivaji" expect a great opening.

Musical record by Maestro Ilayaraja
Music composer Ilayaraja has set a record with a difference. As many as 36 songs composed by the maestro were recorded on the same day here. What made the record possible was the fact that all the songs were recorded for the same film called "Ajanta", being made in all four south Indian languages -Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam and Kannada. The film is directed by Kathaga Thirumavalavan and produced by Rajya Ravishankar.

Kushboo's husband and director Sundar C in Veerapu :
After Thalainagaram, Kushboo's husband Sundar C - director cum actor is now doing Veerapu. Malayalam beauty Gopilka plays the heroine role. Father - Son ego is the storyline of this tamil movie. Prakashraj plays the Father role of Sundar. Badri an assistant to Director Sundar C is the debutant director of Veerappu. It's a remake of malayalam "Spatikam". Hero is a lorry driver named Pulipandi. Hope another victory from Sundar.

Dasavatharam 12 - 21 difference :
Kamal fans are eagerly awaiting the release of dasavatharam, kamal hassan's magnum opus film directed by K.S.Ravi kumar. Kamal playing 10 different characters starting from 12th century get-up to 21 st century modern scientist working in America. Asin and Jayapradha plays heroine roles and the buzz is that Dasavatharam will give neck to neck fight to Rajni Sivaji. Ravi Varman is the cameraman, Hindi music director Himmesh Reshamaiah composed music to this movie. Cast includes Asin, Jayapradha, Nepolean, Kamal favourite Santhanabharathy, M.S. Bhaskar and others.

Vikram's Bheema on May :
Chiyaan Vikram starrer Bheema will release on May 2007 to avoid clash with Rajni's Shivaji and Kamal's Dasavatharam, 4 songs to be shooted in foreign locations.

Kollywood Chew :
K Balachandar, Gemini Ganesan's "Naan Avan Illai" is getting remade. Selva is the director. Actor Jeevan is the hero and having five heroines in this film. They are : Sneha, Namitha, Malavika, Jothirmayi and Keerthi Chawla.

Thangarbachan's Pallikoodam : Sneha plays the lead role in Thangarbachan's tamil film "Pallikoodam". Sneha plays a school teacher role. Narain is also in the cast. As per industry buzz, the film has been businessed for a good amount all over the state.

Kollywood's Azhagia Tamil magan Vijay :
We should accept that Tamilnadu CM is a trend maker in tamil film industry - kollywood. After his announcement regarding the tax exemption for the movies titled purely in tamil, film directors and actors changed their attitude towards naming their films. Gowtham menon's Silanthi turned into "Pachaikili muthucharam", now Actor vijay's next film titled "Alhagia Tamil Maghan".
Bharathan, a new director directs this movie. Vijay - Trisha & Vijay - Asin combination worked well in the past. Now it's Shreya's turn. Shreya plays the heroine to Vijay in this film. Shreya is the heroine to Rajni in Sivaji. We hope this will help Shriya to reach Vijay and Rajni fans. Above all, A.R.Rahman is the music director for this movie. Another super hit from Vijay ?

Income Tax Raid at Actor Vijayakanth's house and other premises :
Income Tax officers today raided the home of Actor Vijayakanth M.L.A at Saligramam, Chennai. Raid started at 8 AM. Vijayakanth fans shouted slogans against Chief Minister and threw stones at the police who tried to control the situation. Vijayakanth's Madurai rice mill, club, Andal Azhagar College at Maamandur, Medical College and his Sister's home at Madurai were the target of IT Officers. DMDK leaders termed this raid as "politically motivated".

Jayam Ravi's Deepavali for Pongal :
Jayam ravi, the young hero of tamil cinema is getting ready to give a hit with his Deepavali film releasing for Pongal. Ravi's pair is young actress Bhavana. Ezhil directs this film and produced by Director Lingusamy. Deepavali is a love story. Yuvan shankar raja composed music to this film. Jayam ravi is now busy with his Dhaam Dhoom film directed by Director Jeeva. Thaam dhoom is an action movie with russian backdrop, nearly half the part of the movie is going to be shooted in Russia. Harris jayaraj is the music director for this movie.

Nayanthara Vs Bhanu :
Bhanu, a new face to Tamil film goers is debuted by director Hari in his Pongal release Thamarabharani film. Vishal plays the hero role. Hari first approached Nayanthara for this film, but she refused to do the role. ( Simbu ? ). Nayanthara's debut film in Tamil is director Hari's Ayya with Sarathkumar, Hari feel bad of Nayan's attitude and he selected a malayalee girl named Mukta who had close resemblance to actress Nayanthara for this Thamirabarani cinema. Mukta acted in malayalam film Achanurangatha veedu and some TV Serials. Director Hari renamed Mukta to Bhanu. Now Bhanu started her account in Tamil cinema with Vishal in Thamirabharani. This is an action oriented subject. Hari gave hits like Samy with Vikram, Ayya with Sarathkumar ... Let us see whether Bhanu will give stiff competition to Nayanthara !

Tamil movies - Pongal release :

Ajith's Aalwar : Ajith, Asin & Others Director : Prabhu, Producer : Mohan

Vijay's Pokiri : Vijay & Asin. Music by Manisharma

Pachaikili Muthucharam : Sarath kumar, Jyothika Director : Gowtham Menon

Paruthiveeran : Actor Surya's brother Karthi debuts in this film, Priyamani is heroine. Director : Ameer

Thamarabharini : Vishal & Bhanu. Director Hari

& Vijayakanth's Sabari.

Ajith's Aalwar is getting ready for Pongal release :
'Thala' Ajith's Azhwar tamil cinema is getting ready for pongal release. Asin plays the heroine role. Actor Ajith's Varaalaru ( History of Godfather ) is a clean hit and it creates a new expectation among film personalities and audience for his next film azhwar. Azhwar is scheduled for Jan 14th 2007 Pongal release. Azhwar film producer ' Raja Kaaliamman Films' Mohan Natrajan is undoubted about the hit of Aalwar. Ramesh is the cinematographer of the movie. The film is currently under Post-production work. Ajith now started working on his next project Kreedom. Shooting of the movie Krieedom commenced last week at Andhra pradesh Rajahmundry, Producer A L Azhagappan's son Vijay a debutant director directs this film. Music composed by G.V.Prakash. Raj Kiran, Saranya and Vivek are also in the star cast. Kreedom would be released on Ajith's Birthday ( May 1st - 2007 ).

Kollywood remade trend started with Ajith's Billa :
Kollywood Tamil movie industry started its new remade trend with Rajnikanth's old blockbuster Billa. Ajith is going to play the role of Billa New version. Director Vishnuvardhan, young and hot director of kollywood going to direct the new billa film. Rajnikanth acted in Billa on 1980, produced by Actor cum producer K.Balaji. Sri Priya, Thengai Srinivasan, Major Sounderajan, Manohar and Helen was the major cast.Yuvan shankar is the music director of this new Billa team.The shooting will be commenced in March 2007.Let us await Ajith's Billa before Diwali 2007.

Director Bharathiraja's son Actor Manoj married Nandana :
Tamil cinema director Bharathiraja's son actor Manoj married actress Nandana yesterday. Marriage went on well at Kerala. Music director Illayaraja, Tamil film actors Napoleon, Sarathkumar, Pandiyan, Actresses Radhika, Radha and other film personalities attended the function. Marriage reception will be on Dec 1st at Chennai Raja annamalipuram Mayor Ramanathan hall.

Shriya and Nayanthara as item numbers :
Glam girls Shriya and Nayanthara is now item numbers, Shriya is doing an item number song with Telugu actor Prabhas in Munna film, the heroine of Munna movie is Ileana. Nayanthara is an item girl for Rajnikanth's Sivaji movie direction by Shankar. Sivaji shooting is in full swing and Director shankar shooted some song sequences with Nayanthara and Rajnikanth. Rajnikanth's Sivaji is expected to hit the theatres for Tamil new year ie. April 2007.

Vishal's Sivappathigaram, Gowtham menon's Pachai Kili Muthucharam and Srikanth's ECR : Kizhakku Kadarkarai Salai :
Hat-trick Kollywood hero Vishal's next movie is Sivapathigaram. Mamta mohandas is the heroine of the movie. Star cast includes Manivannan, Kanja Karuppu, Rajan and others. Sivappathigaram directed by Karu Palaniappan, who gave a decent movie Parthiban Kanavu with actor Srikanth and Sneha. Sivapathikaram music composed by Vidyasagar. The movie is shooted in Madurai backdrop and interestingly Vishal's last movie Thimiru was also shooted in Madurai backdrop. Another cinema is Gowtham menon's Pachai Kili Muthucharam. Director Gowtham menon is now teamed up with Sarathkumar for PachaiKili Muthucharam. Gowtham's previous movies with Actors like Madhavan, Surya and Kamalhassan was a huge success, and now this is Sarath's turn to taste the success with Gowtham. Jyothika plays the heroine role. Mumbai model Milind Soman plays an important role in this movie. The story deals with Extra-marital affairs. newcomer Andrea is also in the cast. Harris jayaraj composed the music for this movie and Arvindh Krishna is the cameraman and the movie is slated for December release. As per industry sources Kizhakku Kadarkarai Salai film will be a turning point to actor Srikanth in his film career. Cute actress Bhavana is the heroine of this movie. SS Stanley directs the movie Kizhakku Kadarkarai Salai.

Kollywood director Bharathiraja's Hindi film 'Cinema' :
Tamil film industry's trendsetter Bharathiraja's second hindi movie titled ' Cinema' . Nana patekar, one of the best actors in bollywood is in the lead role of the movie 'Cinema'. Cinema is to be remade in Tamil under the title "Bommalattam". Director Bharathiraja currently busy with his son Manoj's marriage. Manoj weds with Nandana.

Kollywood's Star Music Director is A.R.Rehman :
Several new albums have arrived in the last couple of weeks in kollywood tamil cinema industry, but none has been able to topple A.R. Rahman's "Chillunu Oru Kadhal" from the top position. New comers are Srikanth's Kizhakku Kadarkarai Salai and Dhanush's Thiruvilayadal Aarambham.

The top five Tamil albums are:

1. "Chillunu Oru Kadhal" - Music: A.R. Rahman. The film is a huge flop and has been forgotten, but the album is still a rage.

2. "Vallavan" - Music: Yuvan Shankar Raja. The film released during Diwali and there is newfound interest in Yuvan Shankar Raja's album.

3. "E" - Music: Srikant Deva. "Theeppori parakum" sung by Tipu is becoming a big hit.

4. "Kizhakku Kadarkarai Salai" - Music: Paul J. This is Paul J's first film album and he has been able to attract the young with some racy numbers.

5. "Thiruvilayadal Aarambham" - Music: D. Imam. "Ennamma Kannu" by Karthik and Ranjith is becoming popular though some still talk nostalgically about the old SPB Malaysia Vasudevan song.

Ajith's Kriedom :
Tamil movie's ultimate star Ajith's new film is Kriedom, a remake of Mohanlal's Malayalam classic movie Kriedom. Suresh Balaji with adlabs, is the producer of the film and director Vijay directs this film. Actress Trisha is roped in for this film as heroine.

Sarathkumar's 'Silanthi' titled changed to Pachaikili Muthucharam : Tamil movie actor Sarathkumar's 101st film Silanthi title changed into Pachaikili Muthucharam. Eventhough the new title is lengthy it reminds us the famous song of MGR. Pachaikili muthucharam is directed by Gautham Menon . Cast includes Actress Jyothika, Model turned actress Andrea, Soman etc., Selvaraghavan's favourite cameraman Aravind krishna is the cinematographer of this movie. Harris Jayaraj is the music director of Pachaikili Muthucharam.

Madhavan's Rendu :
Tamil movie hero Madhavan and Tamil film industry's glam girls Reema Sen and Anushka are now in Malaysia for the shooting of their film Rendu. Director Sundar C is the director of the movie Rendu.

Jayaprada with Kamal hassan in Dasavatharam :
Yesteryear heroine actress Jayapredha is now back to tamil movie, she is going to play an important role in Kamal's Dasavatharam tamil cinema. Jeyapredha is one of the heroine of the movie.

Kollywood, Diwali releases :
Nayanthara is in lead this Diwali, her 3 kollywood films going to hit the theatres this deepavali. They are : Jeeva - Nayanthara in 'E', Sarath - Nayanthara in 'Thalaimagan', Simbu - Nayanthara in 'Vallavan'.

Saran's Vattaram : Director Saran's Vattaram is getting ready for Diwali. Arya the young hero plays the lead role. Model turned actress Kirat is the heroine of the movie Vattaram. Saran produce and directs this film. Napoleon plays an important role in Vattaram. Music by none other than Bharadwaj, Director Saran's favourite music director.

Vijayakanth's Dharmapuri : 'Captain' Vijayakanth's Dharmapuri is the hot topic among his political rivals, they are eagerly awaiting this movie than his fans / workers. Perarasu is the director of the
movie Dharmapuri. Perararsu already gave hits with Vijay and Ajith, and now it's Vijayakanth's turn. Lakshmi roy, the glamorous girl of kollywood plays the heroine role. Asin, Nayanthara and other lead actresses rejected the 'Dharmapuri' film offer due to their "Busy Schedule". A.M.Ratnam is the producer.

Jeeva's E :
Young upcoming Tamil actor Jeeva's next film is 'E', Director of the movie E is Jhana. Nayanthara is the heroine and she plays a bar dance girl role in this film. Super good films produces this film, Ashish Vidyarthi is also in the cast.

Sarathkumar's Thalaimagan :
Tamil nadu Nadigar Sangam President Sarathkumar's 100th film is Thalaimagan, he plays a reporter role in this film. Nayanthara, is the heroine to Sarath in this cinema.Sarath is the director. Fans eagerly awaiting it's release.

S.J.Surya's Thirumagan :
Director turned Actor S.J.Suryah's new film is Thirumagan, Meera jasmine plays the heroine role. Rathnakumar is the director. Surya, now busy with his 'Viyapari' shooting, heroine Thamana

Ajith's Godfather :
Everyone eagerly awaiting the release of Ajith's Godfather. K.S.Ravikumar is the director. Asin is the heroine to Ajith. A.R.Rehman's songs already hit the market.

Simbu's Vallavan :
Actor Simbu directs this film Vallavan.He is a lucky young chap, because Silambarasan having 3 heroines in this movie, they are Nayanthara, Reema Sen and Sandhya. The photo shoot of Simbu's lip kiss with Nayanthara was a hot topic among Tamil people. Producer of the movie is P.L.Thenappan. Yuvan Shankar Raja is the music director of the movie and the songs already hit the market.

Surya, Jyothika tie the knot
Chennai, Popular Tamil and Telugu actors Suriya and Jyothika tied the knot at a scintillating function here Monday morning. The long-awaited wedding came days after the release of their film "Jillunnu Oru Kaadhal". It is probably their last film together because Jyothika is planning to retire from cinema after the marriage.The guest list at the wedding and the reception read like a who's who of Chennai filmdom and public life. The reception was as much a star-studded affair as the wedding. Kamal Haasan, Sathyaraj, Vijay, Abbas and Jyothika's sister Nagma were among those present at the reception, apart from prominent political leaders and personalities like Cho Ramaswamy.

Kollywood, Tid bits :
Kollywood Actor cum Director S.J.Suryah's next film is "Vyapaari" means Businessman or Trader. Director Sakthi Chidambaram is the director of this tamil movie, he has already given 3 hit movies with Actor Sathyaraj. Sakthi combine with Suryah this time. Vadivelu is there for Comedy. Tamana, Namitha and Malavika are also there in this film. Out of this Thamana is the heroine of the movie and Namitha plays air-hostess role. Malavaika plays as a modelling girl.

Director Seeman's next movie is Pakalavan.

Chennai 600 028 this is a Tamil movie title. SPB Charan produces, Yuvan shankar raja compose music, Aghathian's daughter plays the heroine role and Gangai amaran's son directs this movie.

Sarathkumar's Thalaimagan Deepavali release :
Kollywood, Nadigar Sangam President and Supreme Star of Tamil film industry Sarathkumar's 100th film Thalaimagan is slated for Deepavali release. Thalaimagan is directed by Sarath himself and Nayanthara plays the heroine role. Vadivelu is there for comedy, and other casts includes Mukesh, Seema biswas and John. You can expect the Thalaimagan review after the release, but Sarath fans eagerly awaiting this movie to celebrate Diwali.

Cheran's Mayakannadi :
Cheran, one of the talented directors in Kollywood currently engaged in his next film Mayakannadi. The movie is based on a city back drop. Cheran and Nayva nair plays the lead roles. Mayakannadi expected to release this year.

Dhanush's Paratai :
Dhanush's Parattai Engira Alahgu Sundaram, is launched , Prabhu deva's elder brother and Choreographer turned director Raju Sundaram is the director of this movie. Paratai is based on a Mother-Son sentiment and it is a remake of Kannada hit Jogi. Archana plays the mother role to Dhanush, Music is by Yuvan Shankar Raja and camera is by Arjun. Casts includes Nassar, Vayyapuri and Santhanam, Riyas Khan and others.

Sibi in Lee :
'Lee' - This is Kollywood Tamil lee and not Bruce lee or Jetlee. Sibi, son of Sathyaraj is the hero of this new tamil movie titled Lee. Sathayraj has turned producer to promote his son in the cine field with this film. Lee directed by Prabhu Solomon.

Hero Vadivelu back to Comedey :
Kollywood Comedian Vadivelu performed as a hero in " Imsai Arasan 23 Pulikesi ", but he always preferred to be a comedian.
He is having more than a dozen of upcoming movies in his hand as a comedian. List includes " Rendu ", " Muruga ", " Piragu ", Nenchil Jill Jill ", " Gurusethiram", " Pokiri" and going on....

Simbu's Vallavan for Deepavali :
Simbu's Vallavan is scheduled for Diwali release. S.J.Suryah is busy with his Thirumagan movie. As per sources, Simbu and S.J.Suryah will join their hands for their Movie "AC", Asin and Simbu will be in the lead and SJ Surya will be the director, AC film shooting will be started in the New Year.

Kollywood couple : Surya and Jothika's marriage :
Finally, the cat is out of basket, Kollywood Actor Surya and Actress Jyothika's marriage will be on September 11 2006. Surya's dad Sivakumar officially announced the marriage date of the star couple. Fans eagerly awaiting the photographs of Surya, Jyothika marriage, because close family members only can attend the marriage, but a
grand reception at Mayor Sri Ramanathan Chettiar hall is arranged on 12th September. If you wish to view the Jyothika, Surya marriage photos, you should have to wait until Sep 12th.

Kollywood, South Indian Film Artistes Association :
President : Actor Sarath kumar elected as the president.
Vice Presidents : ' Aachi ' Manorama, Actor Vijayakumar
General secretary. Radha Ravi
Popular stars, including Vijayakanth, Vikram, Napolean, Radharavi, Srikanth, Revathy, Parthiban and AIADMK legislator and actor S.V. Shekher, were among those who cast their votes.

Kollywood movies : `Thimiru`, Vallavan, Sillunu Oru Kaadhal
Tamil movies Vallavan, Thimiru and Sillunu Oru Kaadhal are in Q to be released . Vikram Krishna Produced G.K.Films' Thimiru is ready and scheduled for August. Vishal is the hero, and he is expecting a hat trick hit through this film. Simbu's Vallavan is on final stage and some more scenes and songs to be shooted. Silambarasan planning to release this movie by September. Nayantara, Sandhya and Reema sen are the lead heroines in Vallavan. Surya's Sillunu Oru Kadhal is a smooth romantic movie, Jyothika and Bhumika are also in this film. A.R.Rahman is the music director of this movie and he is now in a tough fight to prove himself in Kollywood.

Asin in Dasavatharam
While Trisha, Sriya and other young kollywood actresses denied to play the heroine role in Dasavatharam due to "Date Problems", Asin the hot young girl accepted the offer to play as the heroine to Kamal in K.S.Ravikumar directed Thasavatharam.

Thamirabharani, a Film by Hari
Kollywood hit director Hari back with his new film titled Thamirabharani. One time biggest banner in South film industry, late Nagi Reddy's Vijaya Productions is producing this film. Vishal is the hero of the film and a new kerala girl playing the heroine role, Prabhu, Nadiya are also in the cast. Music director of Thamirabarani is Yuvan Sankar Raja.

Kamal's Dasavatharam film Shooting :
Actor Kamal hasan's Tamil movie Dasavatharam shooting to be started before the end of this month. Story by Kamal, Screenplay and Direction by KS Ravikumar. The shooting will take place in the districts of Tamilnadu and 20 days shooting in USA. As per the director of the movie Thasavatharam, Kamal hassan going to play 10 different roles in this film and it will be a world record, Kamal going to play a youth role out of 10. There will be only one heroine for all the 10 different Kamal hassan. The search for the heorine is going on, and some foreign actors will take part in this movie Dasavatharam. The film will be a big budget movie and going to be produced by Oscar films ' Ravi chandran', Music composer of this movie is Himesh Reshammiya. Tamil cinema Dasavatharam will be a milestone in the career of Actor Kamal hassan and Director Ks Ravikumar.

Asin with Vijay, Ajith and Surya
Tamil Actress Asin is going to pair with Vijay, Ajith and Surya - The top heros of Kollywood film industry. First, Asin and Vijay going to pair up in Pokiri. Second, Asin - Ajith in a untitled film direct by Vishnuvardhan and the third is with Surya for Gautham Menon's film.

Kollywood Guru Balachandar's Poi :
Kollywood's Beshmar and Guru of Actor and Producer Prakash Raj, directed his 101st Tamil movie 'Poi' under the banner of Duet Movies with Uday Kiran as hero and Vimala Raman, a new face as heroine. As per sources, the producer is not able to sell the film for the right price, that's making the delay to release the movie Poi. If everything goes right, Poi will hit the theatres on August.

Kollywood Pokiri :
Vijay is going to do the remake of Telugu hit Pokiri, the original Telugu version played by Mahesh, and as per sources Telugu Pokiri is going to break the record of 'Okkadu' . In Tamil Vijay plays the hero role in Pokiri and Asin is the heroine, Asin and Vijay pairs up again after Sivakasi. The tamil film Pokiri is going to be directed by Prabhu Deva. Music is by Mani sharma, and Pasupathy would be the Villain of Kollywood version Pokiri.

Top Kollywood Tamil songs :

2. "Vettayadu Vilayadu" - Music: Harris Jayaraj. So far the Goutham Menon-Harris Jayaraj team has not given any flops and their latest venture "Vettayadu Vilayadu", which is a big success, continues the trend.

4. "Godfather" - Music: A.R. Rahman. After a long gap, a Rahman album has recharged the market.

Kamal's Vettaiyadu Villaiyadu is on Top 2 and Ajith's God father on Top 4

Vettayadu Vilayadu and Godfather Tamil film songs in Top 5
Here's a look at the top Kollywood Tamil Songs :

"Pattiyal" (Yuvan Shankar Raja): The film is a super-hit and so is the song "Dae namma" sung by Vijay Yesudas.

"Vettayadu Vilayadu" (Harris Jayaraj): The Gowtham Menon-Harris Jayaraj combination had an amazing hit in "Kaakha Kaakha". It appears the combo will repeat the magic in this one too. The song "Partha mudhal" by Bombay Jayashree and Unni Menon is a huge hit.

"Tirupathi" (Bharadwaj): The music for this Ajit film is no different from Thirupachi and Sivakasi, scored by the same composer.

"Godfather" (A.R. Rahman): Unlike Rahman's earlier albums, this one is taking time to catch up. Till Tami Nadu comes out of the 'Vaala meenukum' spell, no other album can make an impact.

Dhanush's Puthupettai releasing May 12 ?
Dhanush starrer and Director Selvaraghavan's kollywood Tamil cinema Pudupettai scheduled for May 12th release. Due to similarities of certain scenes with Bharath & Arya starrer Tamil film Pattiyal, Director Selvaraghavan planned to re-shoot some scenes, but producer refused to accept selva's offer, now the re-recording works going on and planned to release Pudupettai on May 12th.

Kamal hassan's Dasavatharam & Vetayadu Vilayadu :

Dasavatharam is Kamal hassan and director K.S.Ravikumar's next film, In Dasavatharam Kamal plays 10 different characters and now the Actor and Director leaving for USA to try some new make-ups for the film. The heroine for Thasavatharam is not yet finalized, Trisha and Asin are in the race. The shooting of Dasavatharam would start by the month of June. In the mean time, Kamal's Vetayadu Vilayadu is still undergoing some problem due to the first producer of the film Kaja Moideen's debts, the current producer of Vetayadu Vilayadu 7th Channel Narayanan trying to release it by May 12th, but before that Kaja Moideen has to release the Vijayakanth starrer Perarasu.

Asin from Kollywood to Bollywood ?

The buzz is , Kollywood actress Asin going to be the heroine in the remake of Ghajini with Aamir Khan. Aamir Khan going to do the remake of Tamil blockbuster movie Ghajini, A.R.Murugadoss is the director in the hindi version also and Aamir Khan is so impressed with the script of Murugadoss.Priety Zinta and Priyanka chopra is also in the contest for the heroine role. Let us hope Asin will extend her film career from Kollywood to Bollywood.

Selva - Arvind - Yuvan's 'White Elephants' :
The trio Director Selvaraghavan, Cinematographer Arvind Krishna and Music composer Yuvan Shankar Raja started a new film production company called 'White Elephants' , they are also interested to produce music albums, ad films through this new company. And the Trio's wish is to give chances to new talents through this White Elephants production company. 'Thirudan Police' is going to be the first film of this company, Arvind krishna will direct this film and Dhanush is the hero of 'Thirudan Police', the film will be started in 2 months time.

Latest Kollywood releases :
Mercury Pookal : Srikanth, Meera Jasmine and Samiksha, Direction by S.S.Stanley, Music by Karthik Raja

Pattiyal : Arya, Bharath, Padmapriya, Pooja, direction by Vishnu Varadhan, Music by Yuvan Shankar Raja

Ajith's Tirupathi
Ajith, is now ready with 'Tirupathi' to give another hit after Paramasivan. Ajith's Tirupathi is directed by Perarasu and will be released for Tamil new year. Sada plays the lady love to Ajith in Thirupathi. Audio sales of Tirupathi is a huge hit, and as per sources, the music shops all over the state placing more orders with the Audio company. Bharadwaj's music is creating a stirr in the market. The introductory song ( typical Perarsu style for Vijay ) “Tirupati Vandha….” sung by Shankar Mahadevan pleased the Ajith fans. Out of six, five are fast numbers. And Ajith fans eagerly awaiting the release of Tirupathi. Ajith, Sada, Bharadwaj, AVM Saravanan and Director Perarasu were also present at the Audio release function.

Kollywood Tamil heroines : 2005
When a new year begins, it is time to look back at the winners. Asin emerged as the top favourite after her hit film "Ghajini".

The top five actresses are:

Asin: As the fun loving naughty girl with a heart of gold, Asin's performance was superb in "Ghajini" and she occupies the number one position.

Trisha: Trisha is concentrating more on Telugu films these days. Yet her "Thirupachi" with Vijay was a hit.

Nayanthara: She entered Tamil filmdom with Sarath Kumar's Ayya and her second film was with superstar Rajnikant in "Chandramukhi". Now she is known as the glamour queen of Tamil and Telugu cinema and is one of the busiest actresses in southern India.

Yuvan Shankar Raja Vs Vidyasagar :
Yuvan Shankar Raja's music for "Pudupettai" is simply outstanding and it is just a matter of time before it goes to the top spot again. For the time being, the Pongal trophy is Vidyasagar's.

The top five Tamil songs are:

"Paramasivan" - Music director: Vidyasagar. Nothing exceptional but the audio is doing good business, especially with Rajnikanth releasing the album.

"Aathi" - Music director: Vidyasagar. Another so-so album from Vidyasagar with the typical Kuthu songs, a must for a Vijay film.

"Pudupettai" - Music director: Yuvan Shankar Raja; This album can be termed as one of the best from Yuvan. So far, the Yuvan-Selva combination has done wonders, and this time too it has not failed.

"Kalvanin Kadhali" - Music director: Yuvan Shankar Raja; Not as good as "Pudupettai" but Yuvan has maintained his standard. The song "Eno kangal" sung by Yuvan himself and Sadhana Sargam is the pick of the album.

Kollywood Heroes : 2005
The list of top Tamil heroes of 2005 has been mostly the same as the year before, except for newcomer Arya whose "Arindum Ariyamalum" has made him a hot favourite with audiences.

The top five actors are:

Vikram ("Anniyan"): Though Vikram had only two releases in 2005, it was still a fruitful year for the National Award winning actor. "Chandramukhi", starring Rajnikant, might have fared better at box office but as far as the top slot is concerned, it is Vikram who tops the list.

Surya ("Ghajini"): With the super hit "Ghajini", Surya has reached Vikram's and Vijay's level. He was amazing in the film, and it is definitely a landmark film for him.

Vijay ("Sivakasi" and "Thirupachi"): Vijay maintained his victorious run as all his films of 2005 were super hits, unlike many other heroes.

Kollywood Pongal Clash - Vijay's Aathi Vs Ajith's Paramasivan :

Scheduled for Pongal release :

Vijay's Aathi :
After Sivakasi now Vijay is ready with his Aadhi, Trisha plays the heroine role. Vijay - Trisha pair seems to be a successful one, their Gilli and Thirupaachi were super hits and the pair now doing their third film Aadi, let us see whether Aathi will be a super hit and a hat-trick. Vidyasagar is the Music director of the film and Vijay's dad S.A.Chandrasekar is the producer.

Ajith's Paramasivan :
Slim Ajith is now ready with his Paramasivan, director P.Vasu is ready to submit his exam paper to the tamil audience after the Super duper Chandramukhi. Laila plays the heroine role of Paramasivan and Vidyasagar composed the music. Ajith is now in a stage to prove himself and Vijay to sustain his position, so there will be a sure competition between Ajith's Paramasivan and Vijay's Aathi.

Other films to be released :

Kalvanin Kadhali - Hero S.J.Suryah, Heroine Nayanthara.
Debutant director Tamilvannan directs this film , hope we can see a different S J Suryah in Kalvanin Kadhali and not the as usual playboy Suray.The cast includes Vivek, Sarath babu, Tejasree, Kanja Karuppu, Music: Yuvan Shankar Raja

Saravana : Simbu's Saravana
Director K S Ravikumar's "Jaggubai" with Rajnikanth was dropped and "God Father" with Ajith also not yet relesed due to some problems, but with a good hope he comes with Simbu in Saravana. After Manmathan Simbhu and Jyothika pair up again in Saravana, Cast : Silambarasan, Jyothika, Prakash Raj, Vivek, Nagesh and Music by Srikanth Deva

Dhanush's Pudhupettai :
After continuous flops, Pudhupettai is the most eagerly awaited film of Dhanush, his brother Selvaraghavan directs the film. Selvaraghavan - Yuvan Shankar Raja combination has already proved to be a success one. Now after Thulluvatho Ilamai, Kathal Kondein and 7-G Rainbow Colony they joined their hands in Pudhupettai. Dhanush's fate will be decided with this film Puthupettai. The audio of Puthupettai is already a hit.

Bhagyaraj's Parijatham :
After a long gap Bhagyaraj is back with Parijatham.
Parijatham cast : Prithviraj, Saranya, Prakash Raj, Roja, Seetha Direction by K Bhagyaraj

"Tiruttu Payale" : A new trend in kollywood :
Kollywood seeing a new trend in titles, after "Aye", "Perusu" etc., now 'Five Star' fame director Susi Ganesan directing a new film titled "Thiruttu Payale" , Kaakha Kaakha fame Jeevan is the hero and Sonia Agarwal the heroine of the film. Jeevan doing a dual role in this film, Cast includes Vivek, Abbas, Malavika and others.AGS Entertianments producing the movie and the cinematographer of the film is Ravisankaran. V.T. Vijayan editing the film. The film would be a Jan'2006 release.

IT raid @ Kollywood :
The Income tax department carried out raids at 19 Tamil film personalities houses and offices including Music Directors A.R.Rahman, Harris Jayaraj, Yuvan Shankar Raja - Producer Oscar Film Ravichandran- Actors Vikram, Vijay, Simbu, Jayam Ravi, Vivek - Director S.J.Surah, Actress Trisha, Sneha and in hotel rooms of Asin and Nayanthara. Little information was being given to the media waiting outside the fortress-like house with its 15-ft high walls, The raids began at about 8.a.m. Wednesday in what appeared to be an attempt to uncover black money in the Tamil film industry

Tamil films scheduled for Deepavali Release :
There will be a sure Diwali box office competition between Vijays' Sivakasi and Vikram's Majaa. But the interesting point is, Asin plays the heroine role in both the films.

Sivakasi : Vijay's Sivakasi, directed by Perarasu, Produced by A.M.Rathnam - Sri Surya Movies is scheduled for Deepawali release.
Asin is the heroine of the film and Nayanthara is the item girl in Sivakasi. Sivakasi music composed by Srikanth Deva, with a mixture of Melody and Item Songs, most of them are typical Vijay Songs. Out of the 6 songs, Vaada Vaada ( Shankar Mahdevan ) and Kodambakkam Area ( Tippu, Shobha Chandrasekaran ) seems to be sure hit.

Majaa : Vikram's Maja, scheduled for deepavali release, a much expected film after his super duper hit Anniyan. Asin plays the heroine role, Vadivelu, Pasupathy, Manivannan are also in the cast. Maja is a remake of the Malayalam hit Mammootty starrer Thommanum Makkalum. Director Shafi, who directed Thommanum Makkalum, is directing Majaa. Latest hot music director Vidhyasagar composed the music for Maja. The film would be good entertainer.

Thavamai Thavamirundhu : Cheran's Thavamai Thavamirundhu, after a stupidous success of Autograph, Director cum Actor Cheran creating is next film epic Thavamaai Thavamirunthu. This film has therefore raised great expectation amongst the audience. Cheran plays the hero role and Padmapriya is the heroine of the film. Raj kiran, Saranyaa is also in the main cast. Davamai Davamirundhu is a village based family subject. Music Composed by Sabesh - Murali , lyrics by Pa.Vijay, Snehan, Thenmozhi and Cheran, Directed by Cheran and produced by Pa.Shanmugam. Songs Aakaati by S.A. Perumal, Oru Muraithan by Pa.Vijay and Orea Oru Oorukuila by Snehan seems to be hit.

June R : Jyothika's June R, directed by Revathy Varma. Yesteryear Top heroines Saritha, Kushboo and Current Top heroine Jyothika join their hands in this film "June R" . Title itself tells us something that the film would be in a different style. Revathi Varma, a leading Ad film Director Directs June R. There is an industry buzz that Actor Surya plays an important role in this film and he will appear in the climax scene. Music by Sarath and June R produced by Sarath.

Kasthooriman : Meera Jasmine's Kasthooriman, directed by Veteran Malayalam director Logidass and music composed by Mastero Illayaraja. Kasthuriman is the remake of the malayalam hit Kasthooriman directed by Logidas. The young chap Prassana plays the hero role in this film Kasthuri maan and 'Run' fame Meera Jasmine plays the heroine. Sindhu Lohithdas is the producer.

Vijay's Sivakasi ready for Diwali release :
Ilyathalapathi Vijay's Sivakasi going to be a Deepavali release. According to its director Perarasu, Sivakaasi is a masala entertainer with mother sentiment, action and fast pace screenplay. Asin doing the heroine role in Sivakasi and Nayanthara appears for an item number. Srikanth Deva is the music director and the Sivakasi audio was released on October 3rd.

Seema Biswas in Kollywood :
Seema Biswas, who played the role of Phoolan Devi in Shekar Kapoor's hindi film Bandit Queen, now going to play a police officer role in forthcoming tamil kollywood film Thalaimgan. The hero of the film Thalaimaghan is Sarathkumar and Nayanthara going to play the heroine role. "Thalaimagan," now under production, is planned as the 100th film of supreme star Sarath kumar The cast will include Prakash Raj and comedian Vadivelu. Sarath kumar's Chanakya already released and Thalaimagan will be after his next movie Khaki.

Another Actress on Television Show :
Meena, one time top actress of Kolllywood who acted with Rajnikanth in Yejaman, Muthu etc., now entering into Tamil ( Television ) Small Screen. After Radhika Sarathkumar, Kushboo, Devayani, Kausalya, now Meena going to show her talent in Small screen through a Game Show titled " Housefull" on Jaya TV. Eventhough she is not having any films in Tamil film industry, she is still busy with film projects in Malayalam and Kannada.

'Thottijaya' beats 'Ah...Aah' at box office
Silambarasan's avatar as a full-fledged action hero has gone down well with the audience with his new film "Thottijaya" receiving a great opening at the box office. Though S.J. Suryah's "Aa..Aah" was expected to do better, "Thottijaya" has won over.

The top five Tamil films at the box office are:

1. "Thottijaya" (Director - Dorai): Dorai's last film was a realistic offbeat film called "Mugavari" starring Ajit and Jyothika. But the film didn't do very well commercially. His full-length action film, "Thottijaya", however, is a winner. For actor Silambarasan, this is the second hit after "Manmadan".

2. "Ah..Aah" (Director - S.J. Suryah): In a nutshell, the film is about a famished-looking Suryah romancing with a hot Simran look-alike, Nila. It is highly doubtful whether the film will have the same magic as "New". Nevertheless, it had a decent opening.

Rahman has no rivals in Tamil music market
A.R. Rahman's new album "Ah..Aah" for S.J. Suryah continues to rule the charts even though the film is not a big hit.

The top five Tamil music albums are:

1. "Ah..Aah" (A.R. Rahman): The film is not a big hit, but the song sung by Rahman himself, "Anbe Aaruyire", has been topping the charts for the last several weeks.

2. "Ghajini" (Harris Jayaraj): The release of the film is getting delayed, but Harris Jayaraj's album is a hit and second only to Rahman's. The most popular song is "Oru Maalai" by Karthik.

Another Political Hero from Kollywood :

'Captain' Vijayakanth formally launched his political party on 14th September, and named it as Desiya Murpookku Dravida Kazhagam (DMDK) (National Progressive Dravida Party) at the party conference held at Madurai. After Thiru. C.N.Anna Durai, Thiru. M.G.Ramachandran, Thiru.M.Karunanidhi and Ms.J.Jayalalithaa , Vijayakanth entered into politics. Let us see whether he will be a successful politician or just going to follow the paths of Thiru.Bhagiyaraj, Thiru.Sivaji Ganesan and Thiru. Vijay.T.Rajendar.

Kollywood cinema = Remake :
Something Something Unakkum Enakkum is the remake of Super hit Tollywood film Nuvvostanante Nenoddantana. Jayam Ravi is the hero of the film and Trisha is the heroine. Yes, another remake from Tollywood to Kollywood. Jayam Ravi again doing this film in his home production after the first two films Jayam and M.Kumaran S/o. Mahalakshmi. Ravi's brother Raja is the Director and the film is produced by the Jayam Films and Lakshmi Productions. Devi Sri Prasad is the music director of this film Something Something Unnakkum Enakkum

Kollywood Headlines : Trisha is back into news
Trisha is back into the news, but for wrong reasons. Trisha, who is ruling the hearts of Telugu and Tamil cinema, was chided by the Chennai police on tuesday night at Eastcoast road, Chennai. As reported by the media, Trisha is having fun time at the beach road with her friends. As reported, the fun was quite noisy and most of them including Trisha are drunk. Police commissioner issued a comment saying that high profile people should act more responsible. However, Trisha denies most of this report. Only fact she accepts to is she was at Eastcoast road on that night and she claims that when Police stopped by her car, she was chatting with her friends on the road side and police left immediately after enquiring. Trisha is in Chennai for a few days after a 2 months schedule in Hyderabad.

Nayanthara in Vijay's Sivakasi :
Nayantara making a special appearance in Vijay's new kollywood film 'Sivakasi'. According to her, she had accepted this offer only because Vijay himself had personally requested her. Nayanthara is now starring with Surya in the film 'Ghajini'. Asin is the other heroine in the film.

Kollywood Talk :

Now a days, Sneha giving preference only to Telugu films, as she is getting better salary there.

Director Saran gave a chance to Director Hari under his banner 'Gemini Productions' to direct a film titled 'Aaru' , Hero will be Surya and heroine Trisha.

Ameer having an idea to direct a Big budget film to be produced by R.B.Choudhry, with Jeeva and Ramesh.

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