Monday, November 26, 2007

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Kanna audio CD released Films Audio

Kosmic Films Entertainment Company is producing a Tamil film titled 'Kanna', a maiden venture of the Kosmic group which is already into music. The film's audio CD was released in Chennai on November 14, 2007, going live on Sun Music for about an hour from 8 p.m. to 9 p.m.

Noted producer Kalaipuli S. Dhanu released the CD which was received by the album's music director Ranjith Barot. The company's vice-president Vijay Vishwanath said the audio was doing well on radio FM stations and it is bound to be a hit with the youth.

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The film is produced by Kosmic Films Entertainment Company Limited. Kosmic is primarily involved in the music industry, Kosmic Music being a big brand in fusion, classical and devotional space.

"'Kanna' is the maiden venture of Kosmic, and this film will be targeted at the youth," Vijay said, adding that the response so far has been extremely good.

'Kanna' is directed by Anand, with music by Ranjith Barot, editing by Edwin and photography by Tajmal.

The film is slated for release in December 2007.

I am here to stay: Hamsavirdhan Interviews

It's about five years since he debuted under his father's direction in 'Manasigha Kadhal'. About half-a-dozen films later, and with his new release 'Piragu' too not bailing him out, Hamsavirdhan's career is yet to take off in a big way. Son of Ravichandran, popular hero of yesteryear, the 24-year-old asserts in a chat that this time he is here to stay.

Your career never really took off in a big way...Have you thought about it?

It's just recently that I seriously started introspecting on my career...The basic mistake I think I made was in my selection of scripts. Again, at times what I was told at the narration stage and the way it was executed on screen turned out to be totally different. I used to realise this when I see the film, but then it was too late to do anything about it. Now I'm making a conscious effort to rectify the mistakes.

Would it have made a difference if you had debuted under a big banner or a renowned director?

It would certainly have. The opening and publicity would have been bigger. My dad's concentration was more on direction and seeing how I fared on screen. The business part and marketting was not given due importance. And so despite 'Manasiga Kadhal' being a fairly decent film and earning me praise, it didn't do much to further my career. Nor did my second home production 'Manthiran'.

Your attitude to your career seems to be a bit laidback too?

True... I came when I was just about 18. I did not have any clear idea of my career. It's only now that I am getting my focus. Recently I had signed two films. But I've just returned the signing amount and backed out of them, for I was not fully satisfied with the scripts. I will wait for a proper script, even if it takes a year, rather than sign films randomly, like I had done earlier

You disappeared for a couple of years...What happened?

I took a break and went to Malaysia to take care of our family business. Earlier, I had suffered a back injury while shooting for 'Junior Senior', and recuperating from it took a while. All these broke my concentration on my career.

What advise has your father given you?

He tells me to keep trying and not to give up. My dad has done about a hundred films as hero, out of which 75 were silver jubilee hits. I hope I can achieve at least a small percentage of that. My concentration is totally on my career now. And this time I am here to stay.

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