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My Chennai City - Online Guide

Chennai starts with a strip of golden seashore on the east coast of India where Fort St. George now stands. A place of time-honoured memories, it grew to engulf many adjoining villages which even today stand isolated in their individual glory. Chennai is a city of extremes. On the plushy side, it is the trend-setter of Fashion. You will see a market place teeming with people of different culture baffling in the diversity of merchandise offered. Travel a few kilometers and you will find yourself in a rural pocker, complete with mud roads, thatched huts, wandering cattle and deserted ancient temples for village deities - a place of conventional beauty.

Particularly charming features of Madras are its allegiance to ancient traditions, no matter how modernised it has become, and its willingness to spread out further rather than develop into a multi-storey concrete jungle. The result is a widespread city still open to the skies; a green, airy city with several vestiges of its rural past; a city that adheres to the leisurely tempo of the life of a world of yesterday; a city whose values of another day still survive midst the humdrum bustle of today; a city that still retains the charm, culture and courtesies of the ages

The city stretches its 19 km length along the Coromandel coast and extends inland about 9 km at its widest. Its irregular shape covers about 172 sq km. It is a fairly low-lying strip of land, its highest point being only 60 m above sea level. Chennai is trisected by two east-flowing rivers that traverse its width. The Cooum river almost divides the city into half and the Adyar river divides the southern half of the city into two. The historic buckingham canal runs nearly parallel to the coast almost through the entire length of the city.

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